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This Labor Day, ‘Black Lives Matter’ Means Justice for Black Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/07/labor-day-black-lives-matter-means-justice-black-workers

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As long as the police are the social control agency for every place in the country big enough to have a police force, Black people are dispensable. Law and order means social control.

Employers have to know that for a Black employee to keep coming to work is a small miracle now that a failed neoliberal power system figures fascism is the only place to go.

The Radical Right is prepared to launch a coup on - or before, if it’s too much of a certainty that Trump will lose this election, Jan. 20, 2021.

I’m 70 years old and I’ve been politically conscious since I was 14 because I moved to Little Rock, AR in 1964, 7 years from forced integration by active duty paratroopers. What we see now - if we’ll look at a rotting pus mountain where America was before the fascists who controlled the US after WWII decided it would be really cool to crank out the American Empire, so this country has been at war against democracy since WWII. Not one day has the US - no longer America for anyone but the fascists been at peace.

“Our democracy” is a fraud.

The deal now is that, to avoid the Sixth Mass Extinction, every dollar anyone has will be needed to only avoid the worst of it. It’s still going to be ugly. Gaia never supported more than 500 million humans at one time before 1800. There may not be enough of Gaia left to support that many. She may not support any, if we keep letting the money addicts kill ecosystems at will, so sick undernourished animals produce pandemics because we’re in those sick animals’ habitat and we won’t share it with them. So they’re sick and pumping viruses at us that we’ll lose millions of people to virus pandemics. They’ll come in waves, Fauci says.

Meanwhile, we have police departments all over the place killing Black men on camera for social control purposes. The rich, who caused the 6ME, will spend every dime they can scrape up to avoid cleaning up the mess they made of the planet, of the life support system - Gaia should not be naked - of the social world, of the global economy, and of the police in the US. I’ve seen social control by the police since I was 14, then I moved to the Old South in southern Arkansas and saw it up closer. The cops told me that they would not have had to beat my friend’s head in if I hadn’t been with him after dark. Social control.

White people ten years younger than me have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Black men staying in Viet Nam to avoid coming home for the social control of the late 60s, early 70s, called COINTELPRO, which specialized in the heroic act of knocking a sleeping person’s door down and shooting him fifty times before he could get out of bed. Fred Hampton. Chicago.

It’s like the South won the Civil War, now, the price the Republican Party was willing to pay for 50 years of Republican rule. Not government - rule. “Our democracy” has no democracy. It has social control and governments being dismantled while infrastructure that’s not pipelines and tar sands refineries rots because about 2500 super-rich people want that money because they can better spend it. Because they’re money addicts.

Another aspect of social control is the function of the system of injustice - police, courts, prison - so that investors in private prisons get maximized capital growth by keeping every bed filled. That’s the job of the police and the court system.

How does Labor get a fair shot in that?

The very smart guy who was Colin Powell’s chief of staff says - convincingly, too - that this is what all failing empires look like.

This is, on one level, the power struggle to see who ends up with the most money.

This is why ecoliteracy has been fought so hard. These dumb fucks are fighting over the money that won’t buy breathable air, clean water, or food. They walk right into the 6ME and it’s just a question of will the bacterial layer survive? If not, this planet is as dead as Mars and Venus. For money.

Money addiction may be the ugliest of addictions, and most damaging.

To have a chance of getting out of here alive, the life system will need Black and brown people - all people- to help do the work of rapidly creating an alternative civilization, an ecological civilization, so we can remain alive on this planet with some fairly decent quality of life. We can’t do it without Black people and brown people, without people who know how to work under pressure and excel at it, whoever they are. People who will show up, after social control policing is gone.

Before rebuilding Labor power, we need a planet.

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