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This Labor Day, Social Security’s Future Hangs in the Balance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/06/labor-day-social-securitys-future-hangs-balance


This article would have carried far more weight had it outlined only how Trump was working to dismantle Social Security. Make all those points and let the people decide.

It turned into outright campaigning for Biden.


Trump is devastating the nation

Trump is not operating alone, in a vacuum. The entire GOP crime cabal and some Democrats are collaborating, assisting, aiding and abetting.

Lets be clear about this. When Trump goes (when ever and how ever that happens) this nightmare of Wall Street control will not be over, or, behind us.

Trump is a symptom


Any sane person or non-trump supporter can see that biden is the candidate who is less likely to destroy Social Security and who we should be rallying around. Why do people here keep trying to corrupt other peoples’ thinking who follow this forum to oppose him? Sure he’s not Bernie or some other Utopian candidate, but this is America, not New Zealand or some other place with a more sane populace. Biden is the best chance we have to stop this madness. I hate to think what four more years of trump will give us!


SuspiraDe: Your comment couldn’t be more ignorant and blind with hate for Democrats.

This issue is arguably the most important issue of our lives. About 65-70 million Americans get Social Security or Disability through this invaluable program. Created by a true democratically thinking Democrat: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During The Great Depression of the 1930’s when millions of elderly and disabled Americans were living in absolute poverty and squalor, FDR and his Democrat colleagues in Congress came up with The New Deal–to SPECIFICALLY help these same Americans live a life of dignity and humanity.

Dump wants that to go all away. Is that really no big deal with you???
Will it be good with you when mid 2021, more than 10 million disabled people can’t afford to even eat, let alone pay for a roof over their heads? Then add to that disaster of what’s to come because you wanted some perfect candidate in office and didn’t vote for Biden, here comes about another 25-30 million more Americans homeless and starving by 2023.



Joe Biden repeatedly advocated for cuts to Social Security when he was in the Senate. This was brought up by Bernie in the last debate he had with Biden when it was just the two of them on stage. Of course Biden lied and denied it but anybody with half a brain and an internet connection can google it and watch videos of Biden calling for cuts to Social Security. So it seems we have the same problem regardless of which clown gets elected. Social Security will be put on the chopping block and every last person in American will need to take to the streets in protest to save it. Shut the damn capitalist system down now!


All of this could have been made clear without outright campaigning for the DNC and would in fact have been more impactful.

Biden has long advocated for cuts to Social security. When a person champions the Democrats it really no different than the Trump team declaring they want to save “social security”. The facts are tainted as they become part of a partisan argument. This no different then arguing against war and then suggesting in that same argument that in order to prevent war one must vote Democrat. As soon as a person who claims to be anti-war and then in the next breath suggests “this means one must vote democrat because their platform is one of peace” then the entire position rings false.

Due to Bidens role in prison reform the US prison population all but doubled. Is this ok with you?

With Bidens support the war on Iraq was launched where millions were killed. Is this ok with you?

With Biden as VP Libya was destroyed and now women are sold on the slave market. Is this ok with you?

Biden was behind bankruptcy reform where it became much harder for students to discharge themselves of debt. is this ok with you?

With Biden as VP and during the Obama presidency a record number of peoples were rounded up and deported from the USA. Is this ok with you?

Biden is opposed to medicare for all. Studies have shown that this lack of access to health care results in the deaths of 10s of thousands of Americans each and every year. Is this ok with you?

Barack Obama with Biden as VP bailed out bankers to the tunes of trillions of dollars while millions of Americans lost their homes. Is this ok with you?

Here is the thing. Every candidate for President or for Political office will make claims as to how they wish to make things better for the people they represent. All you need do is go back to Obama when he was campaigning with his hope and change crap. Those promises mean nothing… What is important is what they do when they are in office.


Any sane person would have some 411 at their disposal. Hey, that’s me!:

First, the author is incorrect about the payroll tax cut being “unprecedented.” Obama/Biden cut it in, I believe 2011-2012, eliminating $800 billion in collections. Obama/Biden, IOW, set the table for Trump.

Second, Obama/Biden officially proposed cuts to SSI COLA increases – which are already paltry and poorly calculated – in their 2011 “Grand Bargain,” based on the recommendations of their Simpson/Bowles Catfood Commission. So, it’s the Democrats who have already doubled down on setting the table for destroying Social Security’s future.

Third, and possibly most importantly, Biden has repeatedly called for cuts to Social Security over his long career – and his team of advisors has already said that they’re running scared for the umpteenth time of being branded “weak on deficits” by the party that is incredibly weak on deficits, so they’re going to pursue austerity!

All in all, your assertions about Biden fly in the face of history. So who’s not sane?



For those not convinced and whom insist Joe Biden is a champion of Social security this article details a 40 years plus history of him working to have its benefits cut.


This article is deplorable. A puff piece on behalf of Biden who has - openly and repeatedly over literally
decades - BRAGGED about his repeated attempts to destroy Social Security. If the problem here is other than one of ‘can’t fix stupid’, then this is a piece that is not only knowngly false but falsity specifically,
knowingly, deliberately used to attempt to attribute to Trump positions which Biden has taken openly
and appears to be proud of.


Two damning problems with Altman’s opinion piece.

First, Altman makes no reference to Biden’s 40 years of past readiness to cut SS benefits. Yes, you can rationalize Biden’s past positions - ‘but he only wanted to cut SS to save the system when it was under attack by the right.’ But Biden’s history is nonetheless important to evaluating his more recent, campaign avowals of support for SS.

On Biden’s past, declared willingness to cut SS benefits, and the recent historical setting of that ‘New Democrat’ willingness, see:

h ttps://theintercept.com/2020/01/13/biden-cuts-social-security/

Second, Altman’s omission misrepresents Biden (just as he now misrepresents himself). And since she has been in her business for 40 years, this is no accident, no shortsightedness, no ignorance, but a political and journalistic decision - a decision not to even engage in apologetics for Biden’s past positions, but to outright delete them.

And this decision is dishonest and - like Biden - makes Altman untrustworthy - someone lacking even the guts to argue for a lesser evil, someone who, rather, looks simply like a Democratic hack.


" Trump…has publicly called for Social Security to be privatized, converting our guaranteed Social Security benefits to a gamble…his proposed budgets…cut trillions from what he calls entitlements: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security."

Altman could easily have made reference - however briefly - to the 40+ year history of US right wing efforts to cut “entitlement” programs such as SS.

Here, we can do it for her: “In line with 40 years of Republican attacks on entitlement programs like Social Security, Trump called on SS to be privatized.”

There, was that so hard? Here, Altman, I’ll do more of the work you’re either too dishonest or lazy or servile to the Biden-good-Trump-bad Democratic Party line to do yourself - here’s a liberal piece describing the Bush-led Republican attack on SS of a decade and a half ago:

h ttps://www.brookings.edu/research/why-the-2005-social-security-initiative-failed-and-what-it-means-for-the-future/


I’m convinced that Cd has been infiltrated by right wing provocateurs,
posing as progressives .
These people that insist that Biden is as bad as Trump are inflaming the already divided left .
Their tactics are to ALWAYS play the policy card ,even if it is clearly pointed out that the election is NOT about policy but about character or lack of it as with Trump .
Sure Biden is a Corporate Shill but that is not the issue now that sanders is out of the picture . The election at this point is all about the removal of trump .If that happens then these so called progressives can go after Biden and the other big money Dems .
Now watch the replies to this post . they will ignore my points about character and focus on policy similarities to get people to not vote for either candidate thus electing Trump .
The fools that claim they are voting their conscience have no conscience if they don’t vote AGAINST Trump .
They are sowing chaos on the left and are most likely doing this to get trump re elected .


Biden has spent almost his entire career advocating for killing Social Security, Medicare, benefits to Vets and other safety net programs “…it’s all on the table”

Biden’s Failure to Confront His History on Social Security Isn’t Reassuring
by Dean Baker

Joe Biden Lied About His Record on Social Security
In fact, Biden has argued for cuts or freezes to Social Security throughout much of his career. Earlier in January, The Intercept wrote about several instances (~https://theintercept.com/2020/01/13/biden-cuts-social-security/) in which Biden advocated for cutting Social Security over the course of his career. Biden, when he acknowledges his past support for cuts, portrays the advocacy as deep in the past. But a close inspection finds reams of more recent evidence of Biden’s support for cuts — including in Biden’s recent recounting of a conversation he had with China’s president, Xi Jinping, and in his choice of Bruce Reed, a longtime deficit hawk, as a senior policy adviser in his current presidential campaign.


DemocracyNOW! aired an interview with Angela Davis. ~https://www.democracynow.org/2020/9/7/freedom_struggle_angela_davis_on_calls
I think her reasoning for voting, that she explains at the end of the interview, is sound. Plus the rest of the interview is worth a listen.

“Trump’s incompetent handling of Covid-19” ?

The GOP has been fully competent at turning the US into a fascist third world dictatorship ever since Robert Taft, Joseph McCarthy, and the Dulles brothers launched their commie witch hunts in 1950. Making a mockery of Covid concurrent with Governors taking the heat for states’ Covid related economic impacts is a strategy that worked very well for the GOP in primary elections and holds great promise for a Trump victory on November 3.

Not only Social Security, but whatever else remains of FDR’s New Deal will be confined to the dustbin of history within the next three years if Trump isn’t 86’ed on 1/20/21.


The reason ‘the election is about character’ is because the Democratic Party leaders and corporate press outlets are as hostile to the policies Americans actually want and need as Republicans are. Of course they want you to focus on Trump, and not on the fact that you can’t afford medical care, or that the planet is literally burning. Because they have no intention of changing any of that.

I have a suggestion. Vote for whomever you hate least. Then go out and talk to someone who has been evicted from their apartment or is waiting in line at a food bank. Convince them to vote for Biden so that they can save the constitution, or because Trump lacks character.

If you think it is “right-wing” to point out the decades of corruption and rot in both parties, I’d suggest it is you who have been infiltrated. Stop wasting your time trolling people who actually want to make the world better.


What a feeble argument , and it is one used by so many in the past.

I recall very much the same thing coming out of a person who supported dropping Nuclear Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When I suggested this indiscriminate killing of woman and children was a war crime and a monstrous crime against humanity , I was told that "it saved American lives therefore the only reason you are claiming it as a war crime is because you are “anti-American”.

There are people that have morals and are not willing to trade them off just because they deem their own lives more important then somebody else’s. So which “values” are people willing to trade off in order to protect Social security? Are they ok with a Government that is complicit in Genocide in return for their commitment to protect social security, just as example? Are they ok with the slave labor of Children just as long as it means they can get cheap shoes?

When a person starts trading off those values like that and at the end of their life they have nothing left of value but their house or bank account which under either of the Capitalist parties is not going to be a lot.

The simple fact is there a whole lot of people who are aware of Biden’s record and do not think he warrants being President. That does not mean they therefore must support trump.

This brings me back to my original analogy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The same person who suggested the only reason I considered those as war crimes , claimed that not only did that make me anti-american , but that I must have saw nothing wrong with the atrocities the Japanese committed. Wrong again.

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What everyone should be concerned with, as far as social security, medicare, medicaid and veterans benefits is that it’s not only trump who is going to cut these things in 2020, Biden has already tried to cut all of these things FOUR times, he is also a pathological liar just like the current narcissist in chief, either way we are screwed, people who think that Biden isn’t going to cut these things are in for a very rude awakening, Biden is a democrat in name only, everything he’s been in favor of in his past is solid proof of that, but because he was served on a blue platter everyone thinks he is going to be better for you and me than Trump, couldn’t be further from the truth, he has more in common with Trump than he does differences. This is his third attempt at the WH, he had to step down from both of his other runs, any idea why? And why do people suddenly think he would be a good president, because he isn’t Trump? People should be outraged with the only two options we have as our next president, this was by design, both are conservatives, both have enabled the establishment to make our laws, both are establishment politicians,and both parties are loaded with establishment phucks. they can’t work for us and their million dollar contributors at the same time, its a total conflict of interest…this country is doomed with either, but by all means keep on voting for the lesser of two evils, keep allowing yourselves to be controlled, look how good its been working out for us…smh. What is going on in this country right now was not done by just one president, its been in the works for decades, by former presidents from both businesses, the DNC and the RNC. Neither party has any obligations to the people registered in their parties and it shows, Trump just put everything that is wrong and ugly in this country in over drive, this country is nearing the end of a horrible path, and neither Biden or Trump will ever do anything that will turn things in our favor, when was the last time a President put something into law, that was permanent that helped us? The lesser of two evils still leaves us with evil we lose every time LOOK at where we are…hello? The rich are getting richer at historic rates, while the middle class continues to wane, you can thank both parties and former presidents for that, the distribution of wealth is dangerously unbalanced and Biden will do nothing to change that, he has already told his contributors/the establishment, that nothing is going to fundamentally change for them, which means nothing is going to change for us either, time is no longer on our side, wake up already people, you are lining up for your own slaughter with either. Peace.


As to Obama’s hope and change, he worked on the change, even got part of it accomplished. Trump is still trying to destroy the ACA, better known as Obamacare. The Republicans as a whole have been out to do away with Social Security since the day after FDR signed it into law.