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This Labor Day the Struggle Continues


This Labor Day the Struggle Continues

Bernie Sanders

Labor Day was established in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, as a concession to the labor movement days after he used federal troops to crush a strike by railroad workers which resulted in 30 deaths and some $80 million in property damages. Workers then, and workers now, were fighting for decent wages and working conditions and the end of human exploitation.


Hey there Bernie, Many countries in Europe, and in Scandinavia have university education tuition free. Some also tuition free to international students as well, and some small fees for university tuition. Bernie let us please not just say university tuition free for working families, but university tuition free for all citizens of America. Education, education, education free for all, yea!


“We must demand that the wealthy and large corporations begin paying their fair share of taxes.”

The more accurate descriptive is that fair taxation be RESTORED on the uber-wealthy, large corporations, banks and Wall street, and lowered on the middle-class, small business, and poor, including regressive local property taxes.

Basic to this equation is an end to usury and profits above people - above all else - universal not for profit health care and education, environmental protection that cannot be reversed at the whim of a mental-case fool.

After decades of wealth buying politicians, candidates, elections, and thus legislation that further empowers the 1%, our society must decide if we remain modern serfs - wage and interest slaves (add rent-slaves after the bank bail-out scam) - to vast wealth, and our government ostensibly Of, By and FOR the people - for the Common Good - continue to be controlled by wealth over truth and sustainability.

An egalitarian society with workers making a living wage, and move to guaranteed annual income grows an economy for all, not only the 1%.


And, we must make it easier to join a union. Pass the EFCA (for those who don’t remember what that is, Employee free choice act or commonly referred to as “card check”). I retired at 54 with a modest pension and was a union worker for more than 30 yrs.


People are striking today, fighting for $15 and a union. Few are paying attention. Get out there with them, Senator.

$15 NOW, not in 7 years.


Those of us who are not wealthy, those of us who are not powerful, greatly outnumber those who are.

Must we continue to allow those who are morally and ethically corrupted who have risen to power through their wealth and association, to steal and lie to all of us and our children, and our grandchildren, must we allow them to continue to make war and sell instruments of death in bombs and bullets rather than making Peace through disarmament and good will to all?

Those of us who wish this know there is much labor ahead for us.

Let us celebrate this Labor Day knowing our path ahead toward Peace and Equality has wide support from the masses, and yes, We the People will overcome.


Bernie pushes all the right buttons, except damning the US initiation of warfare against weak nations.

That’s the most cowardly and barbaric activity of the USA.

No one calling himself a socialist, or even a democratic socialist, should fail to call out the US on this most repulsive of activities.

You’re a good Democrat, Bernie, silent and unprincipled when it comes to US global bullying.


“The Struggle Continues.” The homeless people are struggling against the weather I guess.

“And it is a day to pledge our continuing support to protect workers’ rights which have been under fire for decades.”

Under fire? No, they have been fired. They will continue to be fired, for decades.

Looking for solidarity? You’ll find that in a rock.

“Why are we in a race to the bottom with low wage countries like China, Mexico, and Vietnam?”

That’s because they are way overpopulated, just like we are, with a nearly inexhaustible supply of cheap, disposable labor. And our noble tax dodgers know where to put their money.

Didn’t you notice the score? Warren Buffet declared victory for their side in the class war.


Exactly. The destruction, immorality and illegality of imperial wars cannot be ignored. And as a matter of simple mathematics, the Permanent Capitalist Imperial War Against the World GUARANTEES domestic austerity. Bernie’s silence on this essential and central fact of the capitalist global economy is deafening…and has become sickening.


We must break up the monopolized media conglomerates owned by a maybe six corporations so the public gets the information for the workers not the 1%. We must stop the monopolized corporation and not allowed all these buyouts which reduce competition and entrepreneurs/small business to survive and be successful and hire workers at a living wage.


and as others have stated stop the endless war profiting machine.


It is interesting that when Bernie is mentioned the Bernie is weak on foreign policy crowd, or Bernie isn’t socialist enough crowd, come out of the woodwork. I’ve been posting people like Robert Parry, Ray McGovern, the Veteran Professionals for Sanity, Prof. Stephen Cohen, and others, when appropriate, dealing with the dangerous direction U. S. foreign policy is taking,with narry an up vote. Indeed, some of the most vocal critics of Bernie never see fit to comment on the hysteria infecting the body politic vis a vis Russia, Syria and North Korea, it’s as if Maddowism has won the day. I agree that Bernie should be more vocal on these issues, but I for one don’t see anyone, I mean anyone, on the horizon, capable of leading a true de facto distributionist agenda, and I doubt that Bernie will run again anyway. What will be left? Charlie Brown, kicking at air, when Lucy snatches the football–that is the depressing state of American politics.


“We must continue the fight for a government and an economy that works for all, and not just the wealthy and powerful”

So then, please examine the benefits of adopting global economic enfranchisement?

thanks for your kind indulgence


And here is a good short history:

“Labor Day marks our historic defeat, not our triumph.”


Frankly, why not have the government compete with the private industries and lending money to workers so they can start up cooperatives all across the US?


Because Wells Fargo and Bank of America thinks this would lead to corrupting influences on the private banking system in this great country? That investment banks and foreign banks would have to open up their books, which they’d certainly demand of federal or state owned banks, etc.? Just guessin’.:wink:




…for the poor and working class, and fat bank accounts for the merchants of armaments.


The struggle is DOOMED unless supposed “progressives” such as Sanders and Warren work to end the U.S. global Empire, the bloated budget of which makes all needed social programs impossible.

Neither Bernie, nor Elizabeth, nor any other Democrat, has called for an end to U.S. imperialism and its current seven illegal wars of aggression, its empire of more than 800 military bases in 70 nations, its “special ops” teams deployed in more than 130 nations, its illegal drone assassination program, its obscenely expensive and omnicidal nuclear weapons “modernization” program, its foolishly pushing NATO to Russia’s western borders, and its reckless military threats to China and North Korea, and its endless War of Terror (the greatest boon to the war profiteers and their bought politicians since the Cold War ended).


It’s a wonderful gift on this Labor Day holiday of Senator Bernie Sanders’ This Labor Day the Struggle Continues.

This calls to mind Senator Ted Kennedy’s concluding remarks delivered at the Democratic Convention, August 12, 1980, “For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”