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This Labour Day, Plan to Elect a New Government


This Labour Day, Plan to Elect a New Government

Irene Lanzinger

Labour Day has a long and significant history in our country. And as people get ready to enjoy a day off with family or friends, it's import we don't lose sight of why we celebrate this day each year.

More than just a holiday, Labour Day is a reminder of the struggles and victories of working people across the country.

A quick history lesson reminds us that the first Labour Day in Canada is widely considered to be a mass demonstration that took place in Toronto in 1872, when the Toronto Printers Union took to the streets fighting for a nine-hour work day.


Anyone within reach of Lawrence Mass (the site of the 1912 strike memorialised as the "Bread and Roses strike") should attend the Bread And Roses Festival each Labor Day. It's well worth your time. Good music, good eats, and good solidarity.