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This Land Is Our Land: All Sides Dig In as Pipeline Nears the River


This Land Is Our Land: All Sides Dig In as Pipeline Nears the River

Jenni Monet

On the day a no-fly zone was lifted over Morton County and the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, Dean Dedman Jr. sent his drone into the sky and released some of the most dramatic aerial footage to come from the occupation. It was a shocking first look at the rapid advancement of the Dakota Access pipeline. For miles, the scraped and trenched earth extended all the way to a fortified drill pit, a strange and empty compound sitting practically on the edge of the Missouri River.


Here's an attorney, explaining that the Dakota Access Pipeline is being built ON Treaty Land. https://www.facebook.com/TYTpolitics/videos/1771669963080711/

The longest war in the history of the U.S. is not Afganistan, it is the war against the Sioux Nation.


I suppose the pipeline could be re-routed right through Bismark, North Dakota, over a bridge, say?

Chances of that - vanishingly small.

Or the pipeline could just be stopped, and somebody is going to have to eat the multibillion dollar loss.

Chances of that - I don't think there is yet a word to accurately capture this idea?

"Rights for the Environment" could be established, as a constitutional amendment?

Chances of that - please stop laughing out loud heh?


"1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, which gave the land to the Great Sioux Nation.": This treaty did not "give" to the Sioux the land that was already theirs, it simply acknowledged that it was theirs in the first place.

The white man comes.
The white man kills
The Buffalo.

Nikki Giovanni

When we look at this vast prairie why not remember the herds of buffalo that were slaughtered? And now the black snake winds its way to the river. This is not a snake like any other, those that are part of the ecosystem. This snake brings the same death those racist whites brought with the killing of the buffalo


Because the buffalo are already gone. The people are still there, and fighting.


They tell me the one remaining sane voice in this "election" will not win, so expect pipelines to go where their investors damn well please.
* Expect protesters to go to jail, go directly to jail.
* Expect the remaining independent media to disappear.
* Expect more offshoring of jobs, wider wars, millions more homeless refugees, including here in the Fourth Reich.
* Expect the brutality of the militarized police to increase and the courts to turn an increasingly blinder eye towards it.
* Expect the Quisling government of the US Fourth Reich to quickly vote in the TPP, the TTIP, and quickly abrogate their oaths of office as the Corporations assume command of the many nations being sucked into these plans.
* Expect any concerns for our environment, or the welfare of the people to become pipe dreams as the Corporations vacuum up any spare change left.
* No matter which of the two fascist tools of the Oligarchy gets selected in this farce, the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America will be but a memory of the elders who still survive in the Fourth Reich, and we will probably not last long.
* However, I will still cast my vote for Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond, for I will not attempt to decide which of two greedy, deranged, power hungry, war loving (great profits for the MICC) fascist tools of the Oilagarchy is the "Lesser of two Evils" for either one is still evil!
* Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond! A vote for sanity, caring and PEACE in a nation gone mad.


You are not getting my meaning.


corporate scum using the fascist govt of America to plunder the resources of the PEOPLE.


Very important insight you have provided.
If one has to consider being on the side of those at war with the Sioux Nation, then one has to question exactly what one is Pledging Allegiance to.


Valid insights lately attract Trolls ready to blunt the point.


Well, then please clarify.