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This Land is Our Land: Trump’s America, and Our America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/29/land-our-land-trumps-america-and-our-america


Nice article Tim !

At this point, I sense many of us are having a hard time just moving our mouse to click a reply.

And we may not yet be at rock bottom.


Can’t democrats file a class action type lawsuit to have the trump lawyers cease and desist election interference?

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Excellent article, should be required reading for all CD commenters who want to tell me their opinion on anything race-related.

No surprise this spew of venomous, elitist contempt, especially for working class people, comes from an academic.

People like this writer are why Trump won and why the Republicans are now the populists.

This author demonstrates why ‘one person one vote’ is so important.

Quite an ironic response, given that the working class is the group that trump and his Swamp buddies despise the most, as they use them for cheap labor, so they can stash their money in overseas bank accounts as fast as possible. Anyone who really believes that a man who lives in a gaudy $90 million apartment, and at Mar-A-Lago, and really cares about Joe Sixpack, seems to be need of some serious mental assistance.

As far as “elitist,” life is about constant change, and there’s nothing elitist about learning something new and adapting to that constant change. We don’t live in caves anymore.


The Trumpian tragedy is doubly tragic because it makes so much sense. We can decide that Trump is an anomaly. But, in fact, Trump looks and acts a lot like America.

Sooooo true! Trump has made overt and transparent what Amerika has been covertly lying to it’s citizens about for a long time. My analogy is that America has had a terrible hidden disease that was not diagnosed until the Trump Administration, like Covid-19, spread it all over the U.S.