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This Last-Minute Congress Stimulus Package Is Terrorism by Austerity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/21/last-minute-congress-stimulus-package-terrorism-austerity

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Mitch McConnell doesn’t think states have been on “spending sprees”, he knows dam well what’s going on around the country. It’s the new gop game plan, since the Trump coup didn’t gain the popularity McConnell had hoped (notice how Mitch stayed quiet on the subject, waiting to see which way it would go), their new plan is to burn down the economy, and blame the democrats for it in 2022 and 2024. Tom Cotton was on Fake News yesterday, telling the world (fake news world) that he is glad the stimulus finally passed, and it could have been done in September if it weren’t for mean ole Pelosi, she was blocking it. And make no mistake the dem party will provide zero push-back to these lies, and the majority of the people will believe this load of manure.



Cotton makes me sick. I will say, on the above point, I maintain Pelosi’s biggest error was fronting negotiations that weren’t happening. If McConnell isn’t at the table, you aren’t negotiating. She also has a terrible television presence, and would often forget to remind viewers that the House passed two bills already. McConnell was sitting on them. An interview should have never gone by without saying that, repeatedly.


Unless P’loser denies seats to the seditious reps. who signed the destroy democracy amicus this month, she will be enabling the GOP to become more powerful than they have ever been.


What’s good for the gander. With America’s Default Capitalism we get to taste the medicine we thrust upon everone else.

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This is a fine column, John, on Terrorism by Austerity, and my focus is on the several paragraphs that surround this statement, “As a result, states and localities have furloughed or laid off 1.2 million workers to date, far more than the 750,000 that lost their jobs during the Great Recession.[1] They’ve also imposed spending cuts that diminish the reach and quality of public services.”

It’s worth revisiting @BigB and @rainshadow for complementary views and concise appraisals, from their comments a week ago. BigB: “Supply Side economics 101 folks. You cut taxes and services at the federal level. Tax revenues and aid to the states then slows to a “trickle.” States in turn cut services to cities and counties. Most cities and counties are unable to raise taxes in their own (state laws) so they in turn have to eliminate local services, making them, not the federal government, look like the bad guy. People lose faith in their government.
All remaining government services are then privatized in an effort to make up for the tax revenue short falls. Infrastructure expansion and maintenance become luxuries only the wealthiest of municipalities can afford. Without infrastructure to support the economy the nation fails and becomes a banana republic.”
Rainshadow: “The rest of that formula is: when states/towns raise taxes, which they can do if the tax bugs haven’t passed a limiting referendum, they use more regressive taxes to do it, like sales and property. This is the not so obvious irony of the Reagan revolution. The Feds with their strong tax flow crippled by Reagan couldn’t pass as much $$ down to the states. The states then had to raise their taxes to compensate. So the public paid more in regressive taxes or shortened services. Politically it is easier to oppose local and state taxes so that gave the tax bugs more clout with their never ending referendums.”

The education in CD columns and comments in this forum is appreciated. It is good fortune to visit here.


There are certainly some who understand the way our governments and politics operate far better than me Bill.

I am science and the outdoors ~

The new realization for me now, as I head out the door each day, is that half the people I see are capable of voting for Trump, the so called conservative side of the political spectrum.

But is that the difference I wonder - democrat/republican; or in Canada liberal/progressive conservative ?

I no longer think so.

Putting aside right and wrong - a judgement call - what is crystal clear is that they are entirely different from me - entirely.

To me they look now like barbarians - the witch burners at Salem - and that is a judgement call.

74 million for Trump - for the destruction of the very idea of America.

And it probably has always been so - it just never registered that way with me.

But it does now.


The other side of our reflections on declining revenues, in funding our cities and towns, is a look at the bloated US military budget: most recently the Senate based a veto-proof figure of $740 billion. I’ve been questioning the waste there for the past 40 years, and to no avail as it keeps increasing each year.


That’s a part of her job description.

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