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This LGBT Pride, Let’s Celebrate Difference Not Sameness


This LGBT Pride, Let’s Celebrate Difference Not Sameness

Laura Flanders

It’s hard to imagine an American poet more celebrated than four-time Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Frost whose most famous poem concludes:

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I —I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

When the most celebrated poet’s most well-known lines praise difference why is it that we’re so scared of it?


The distillation of context
and references of being
would make pretense
of an afflicted breeze

Living in mutual celebration
informed communal intrusion
can do without the barges
of oratory sleaze

Words recystalized by stars
through the illusion of time
can be unearthed and manifested
with the sowing of the right seeds


The celebration of diversity has become a circus.

What is needed is acceptance. Nothing more or less will do.


I would like to draw down further on the investment in ‘pride’, to go through that shell to its valuable core: integrity. Integrity, like an ‘integer’, to count; integrity is also integral, whole, not an isolated ‘self’. The latter the egoic trope of Bernays, shreds natural integrity at an accelerating rate in correlation with ‘constant growth’- of what? monopolistic monoculture.

Monoculture, the unavoidable result of centuries of exclusionary colonization. It is humorous to think that the privileged pride of monoculture would never even have seen a calendar were it not for the diversity it seeks to crush. It is like a big-bang theory of white (or any) supremacy. Like a false ‘miracle’ backed up with a bludgeon while the linear troops of technology are lined up. Its hierophants: the dick chaneys of the world.
Then there is Bill Gates (gotta love that image of chains and gates) on one hand the monoculture of microsoft, and on the other the frozen seed bank. Freeze the diversity and invest in monopoly. The true keepers of seed diversity societies scorned and dispossessed while these power brokers blindly keep pushing for the model of mega dams, mega mines, the list goes on.
The true mystery is the integrity of the genius of the unanticipated heart. The unanticipated heart will always be invisible to practitioners stuck in the dark mind of monoculture. But the beauty of darkness is the value of every little light.


Very simply and truly said. The Caitlyn thing is a perfect example. That clan has made a cottage industry of media celebrity, and that sort of prurient notoriety attracts all sorts of sick minds and incoherent actors. I would be depressingly unsurprised if Caitlyn’s odyssey doesn’t end well.