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This Looks Like the Beginning of a Civil War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/looks-beginning-civil-war


The US has been in a civil cold war for nearly two decades, ever since the SCOTUS appointed and anointed Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya after the 2000 election. Shortly thereafter, the GOP Congress’ and Dubya regime’s failure to renew the assault weapons ban succeeded in arming the vigilantes with personal arsenals, thereby giving the cops leverage to extort taxpayers to fund their military arsenals to keep up with the domestic arms race. I am surprised that it took this long for full-on civil war.


The people must speak. I sincerely hope they find their voices.


What kind of parent would allow their underage son access to such a high-powered weapon?

Lyrics from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, “South Pacific”, spring to mind:

“You’ve got to be taught
to hate and fear
You’ve got to be taught
from year to year
It’s got to be drummed
in your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.”


Let the States secede. Those which want to , go. Don’t let them come back. Cut them off completely. It’ll hurt for a short time, and some may, indeed, founder, without Federal help. Too bad. Letting them reunite in 1865 was bad enough. The reaction after Reconstruction was what started this whole mess. Don’t let it happen again.


Trump’s worst lie “I don’t want war with anybody” still holds sway over his loyal base who believe it or know he’s lying and welcome warfare against perceived enemies. The ruling class have no intention of supporting 9 billion people in 2040. They are planning an extermination if Trump remains in office. Among Trump’s most horrific lies, we’re lately hearing worse lies to dread. Trump is planning World War III. He will call it Armageddon.


When Trump declares the election results fraudulent this November, right wing poor people will take to the streets and perpetuate violence. The one thing about Trump, which is just an extension of the corporate narrative, is that he has tremendous appeal to violent racists. just the way Europeans had bought into the myth of the “Elders of Zion” at the root fo a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, today’s racists believe in a similar theory of a “liberal conspiracy” that seeks to destroy the white race.
It was difficult enough during World War Two to convince average Americans that Hitler was the bad guy and it will be just as difficult this time to convince all Americans that there is no “Liberal conspiracy”. I speak to Americans all the time that say things like… “I’m ready for a race war. Bring it on!” reflecting the evil ignorance that has infected so many poor Americans. In contrast I rarely hear people say… “I’m ready to take up arms against the .1% and fight for a representative government.”


People are morons. You and I, Space Cadet, are stuck on this failed planet.


Disgusting affair #??? Too many guns and too many people easily manipulated by lies and propaganda currently led by Trump. Yet another dark and devious dictator and his equally dark and devious sycophants in a long line from humanity’s past.

Time to move past these horrible beings and create a better world.


I disagree with Robert Koehler, this is not a civil war, yet. This is a battle against fascism, brought on by the 1% and their enablers - the police, the rightwing “vigilantes”, and most members of congress. If this battle is lost by those on the left, then it will morph into a full blown civil war.


Some pointers for protestors, learned back in the Day. Anyone starts some stuff, you can bet he’s a plant. Shut him down ASAP. Then escort him out of the ranks. He’ll fade into the shadows, back to his handlers. Hoover had a cadre of agents stirring up trouble during peaceful protests, as did Mayor Daley in Chicago. All plain clothes, all hurling rocks and yelling. We noticed they weren’t hosed or tear gassed. Or hauled away.
Did any of you read about the active shooter drill by a sheriff’s department in White County, Indiana? These folks actually shot teachers, execution style, at point blank range using soft bullets. All the while, they were laughing, talking, and threatening the teachers. Told them “Don’t tell a soul what happened here.” Someone page Stanley Milgram!
Please watch Stephen Marche’s interview with CBC Radio on YouTube. He openly states, without hype, that the US is headed for a true Civil War, and Canada needs to prepare.
No matter what, keep your cool. Answer truly insane right wing assertions calmly and rationally. If they gibber, but Biden’s wife’s brother is involved in Big Pharm, answer." What’s your source? And what’s your point? Take the huge log out of your own eye before complaining about the motes in the eyes of others." Always maintain eye contact and calm stance with open hands facing outward. Those who have trained animals know what I mean.


Refocusing protests away from BLM and focusing 100% on saving USPS will make it harder for the GOP cities afire narrative to stick. If Trump wins there will be no protests allowed by anybody other than GOP vigilantes after November 4, thereby consigning BLM and every other kind of protest to the dust bin of history. If Biden wins you can resume BLM protests on November 5.


I am almost finished a new book just out Recon, “Galileo and the science deniers”, by astrophysicist Mario Livio. The book takes the reader back, up close and personal, as the wheels of the Empire back then, the Catholic Church, grind Galileo into the dust.

Mario Livio wrote the book specifically as a reflection on our own Empire, and does so effectively.

We Progressives are viewed as rebels by the Empire, and will increasingly be treated as such.

Again the artists see so clearly - Lucas & Star Wars.

Done my bit with the nuclear trolls - conclusion - Gen IV will be pushed ahead at all speed -

What was that fish’s comment when he bumped his nose - “Dam(n)”


Just look over some of the websites of those “right wing Militias” and or the type of world they envision. They always wanted a societal collapse believing that given they are armed they would be the ones in charge and setting the rules.

This mentality predates Fascism. They want a world where there no Government or laws . A return to the wild wild west where there laws that allowed you to “shoot indians if more then 6 were in a group” or lynch troublemakers from nearby trees.

These guys are not nice people. They are brutes and thugs.


Koehler makes a brave statement, but he is incorrect. If we get to a civil war any time soon, historians will get to cast around and consider whether it “began” on date A or date B, but it is most likely more or less to the extent that the conflict goes violent that the protesters lose. They are not the violent, and they are not the armed. Protesters pretty much never are. Even what are called “armed revolutionaries” are invariably underarmed revolutionaries.

This may look a little like civil war, but mostly because it looks a whole lot like a banana republic. That is, it looks like anywhere else where catastrophic disparities in wealth and income arm macroparasitic agents of exclusive interests to undercut and disable by violence and bribery whatever semblances of democracy or egalitarian society might have existed.

It probably looks even more like that because the agency people and the investors and the mafiosi are largely the same characters and the trainees of characters who have destroyed the societies that we have called banana republics. Even things that are matters of personal flair or some ad-writer’s stock panache are likely to look the same because–well, voila: why reinvent the wheel? You could make a mistake.

With macroparasites as with microparasites, a key principle is that of least intervention. It does not work to not intervene. But it is neither effective nor efficient to dump DDT over a field or to change the nature of a repressive regime by storming the castle with pitchforks, though one might thereby change the head. The weeds and locusts are on a field because someone or something cleared the trees and likely plowed the ground, destroying the natural cycles of plenty. The society is rife with parasites because income disparities have left members of society to choose between a sort of bribery, usually by wages, or a sort of slavery without, or with far less–being “paid” access to some small part of the commons that was robbed.

Every time someone does something bad because he or she is “just doing a job,” that is some part of the bribery system at work. The difficulty with violence is that it causes people to sacrifice ethics for immediate practicality, just as it is generally intended to do. In general, people accept the force and take the bribe from the stronger side. Governments and large businesses thereby learn this, and deliver violence all around. It is not just violence that violence begets, but systemic iniquity. We cannot simply drop it altogether because we cannot accomplish love or peace or liberty by fiat, but must let it evolve. But as violence augments, our better systems fail.

Resolution here involves disabling the bribery and artificial wealth system without leaving us without a system of production. The mafia boss, like any other government, attends to establishing some sort of order. It takes over necessary functions, though it executes these horribly–as we see. We have to supplant the order from within, allowing for other lives for those who would wander into error. But this does not mean voting with the party, entering into the army, paying one’s taxes “like a good citizen,” funding and respecting people who deserve neither for actions that should not be undertaken, and so forth. It may at times involve violence, but that is a cost, not a goal. It is an admission of relative failure here as elsewhere. It is apt to at least mean strikes and protest and slowdowns. It may mean not just boycotts, but an extensive refusal of consumer goods or some category thereof. The difference here is that in a boycott, once some policy is changed, the customer happily returns. But with these large international entities no oversight is generally feasible, so they must be replaced with something that can be checked well enough to be trusted.

As a very public example, look at the poverty draft for the American military. We tend to honor soldiers, and indeed the intentions of individuals who enlist may be noble and, at any rate, are not available to me for judgment. With no defensive apparatus, the country would indeed be overrun by other states led by other psychopaths wielding more or less the same excuses. In actuality, however, the American military accounts for enormous violence and oppression across the globe, and augments the power of psychopaths all over, since every country needs a deterrent of one sort or another against foreign interference, most particularly by the United States, simply because that is the most active military.

Very well. In this situation, the poverty of many of my students in the community college system led them to enlist so that they could continue their educations. They told me proudly, those who told me, so clearly propaganda is alive and well also; those who joined less formal gangs to handle another end of the same business did not announce to me their plans. Even where one sees, now and then, the teardrops tattooed down from the corner of someone’s eye, one hears very few stories, at least as a teacher of English. But then, there are returning veterans who do not say much either.

These people do not strike me nor others around them as evil, neither the gangsters nor the other soldiers. I am not even absolutely certain that all of them are fools, at least not fools past the usual human condition that one can verify by seeing two arms and two legs and a human face. As one learns to say to oneself with so many other things “They are trying to sort something out.”

We ought not to give kids such things to sort.

I suppose that is moot in some way, since in fact we have already given them this ongoing mess, and that will be the case for some seven generations after some sort of resolution begins–resolution that is at least arguably hypothetical as the case stands, though the methods exist.

But no, insofar as the corn is not planted and the beans not harvested, insofar as the children are not educated and the sick not cared for, insofar as the soil is not kept from being blown away and the oceans and lakes and rivers not kept free of poisons, the violence increases and the protesters lose–and the police lose and the racists lose and even the rich lose as well, and are left bereft in all but artifice, facing the other with their counterphobic calls to victory fronting.


Talk with your neighbors. There’s safety in numbers. If the brown shirts come in to terrorize, they can’t do much if everyone locally has each others’ backs.

Slingshots have more symbolic value than guns. They’re actually just as deadly at close range.


Forget defunding.
Disarm the police!

Anyone who wants a job that requires a gun, should be automatically disqualified as a peace officer.
(“Peace” officer, remember when they used to be called that?)

751 deaths by police killing so far this year --in just 240 days --so far!
Only 12 days this year have police not killed people this year.


The author says:

“In other words, while it may well be OK to shoot someone in the back without ‘knowing the facts’ (e.g., who is this person?), rushing to judgment afterward can cause harm.”

Let’s cut to the chase on rushing to judgement about violent protest:

The po-po have been gunning down black and brown people with virtual impunity for many years.
Police unions have way too much power over both parties.
The militarized po-po are itching for a fight with any and all protesters, peaceful or otherwise.
Peaceful protests did not a gotdam thing to reign the po-po in.
Violent protests now have everyone’s attention.
Gun sales to black people are through the roof – they can see white power militias, we all can.
Sadly – and I’m truly sad as hell – you fight fire with fire or you call yourself a noble loser.
And noble losers continue to get gunned down by the po-po.
See how that works?


I would rephrase the first part of this sentence:
We must engage and grapple with the ideas and actions of these horrible human beings in order to create a better world.

Silence is complicity.
A good world for all of us cannot happen when otherwise good people remain silent in the face of grotesque behavior on the part of some.

Dr.MLK, Jr.:
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Now is the opportunity for good people to link elbows, and act!


I guess it depends on if those you mentioned can successfully cause us to turn on each other instead of unite against them. Though playing devil’s advocate there is not much evidence suggesting that things won’t go that way. I feel our “great union” is soon going to fracture and with the amount of stresses and catastrophes currently hitting us I doubt we will ever recover.

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