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'This Man Can Beat Trump': Sanders Viewed Most Favorably of 2020 Democratic Candidates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/20/man-can-beat-trump-sanders-viewed-most-favorably-2020-democratic-candidates


Go Bernie, Go!
Bernie and Warren are the only two adults in the room.


Wolf in sheep’s clothing: noun [def] see Joe Biden


But you won’t hear that from the corporate media. Every chance they get, they proclaim that “Bernie is fading… Kamala is rising… Will anyone beat Joe?” And the answer to the last one is definitely, Trump will. I have strong doubts about Warren’s real progressive bonafides and her commitment to true single-payer health care, as well as her views about Manning, Snowden, and Assange as whistle blowers and not criminals who belong in prison. The only other candidate besides Bernie who comes across as similarly committed to a progressive platform is Tulsi Gabbard, and she is polling at 1% or less. For that matter, I believe that there is no way in hell the Democratic Party establishment is going to let Bernie win the presidential nomination, so I won’t have to violate my vow to never vote for another Democratic candidate for any office because of the way they cheated Bernie out of the 2016 nomination.


no doubt. which is precisely why he’s not getting the nomination.

The whisper of the superdelegates is…“Harisssssssss”


Flyin’ A!

Bernie would have beaten the orange pustule in 2016 also, and encouraged “coat-tailed” House and Senate candidates as well - if only the DINO establishment machine did not sabotage his candidacy and undermine progressive candidates (real progressives). In many “red states” Bernie enjoyed far more support than HRC, but we all were betrayed by that side of the duopoly, the consequences of which have been catastrophic!

We must fight like hell - as if our lives depended on it - to fight the entrenched DINO power still dominating the DP and trying to pull the same rotten shite in 2020 with Wall Street Joe Biden as they did with Hill in 2016!! I think biden will show poorly in Iowa (as he did before, less than 1%) and that defeat will begin his descent into irrelevance.


I absolutely agree with your above statement. The DNC is controlled by neoliberals whose corporate masters would immediately pull funding for the Dems in general if Bernie was allowed to run.

Also, I’m not at all convinced that Pelosi, et al, would not prefer to have Trump for another four years. So far everything Pelosi is doing, rather not doing, indicates to me that she is doing what she can to see that Trump does win another term


O.A.C …all the way!

Mr. Phillips
Canadian CCF Socialist


And there is the rub … dim leadership would prefer Trump over a Sanders presidency because they agree with more Trump policies over Sanders. Pelosi et al are the reason Trump will be re-elected (just as with Clinton) and his narcisstic brain will be so pumped that the world will truly suffer.


Notice that Biden and Sanders aren’t included in the next round of debates—the DNC doesn’t want to see (nor want us to see) Sanders mopping the floor with their neolib “favorite.”


Author sez:
“Looking at more broadly at all U.S. adults’ views, both Biden and Sanders were still slightly behind President Donald Trump. Gallup’s July poll showed that 45 percent viewed the president favorably, compared to Biden’s 42 percent and Sanders’s 41 percent.”

I have arrived at the opinion there is something pathologically amiss with the U.S. populace.


I like Bernie/Tulsi
I think Warren would be more valuable in a cabinet position or even in the senate.
treasury? Commerce?


Republican in Democrats clothing


Tulsi is the most vocal against the MIC, probably the hardest nut to crack. Bernie could use her in his cabinet.


When I begin to feel that way I take another look at the entire meme of “freedom” and “liberty”. Add to that “Give me liberty or give me death”. The “silent majority”, I would assert, is first and foremost a majority. What are they silent about? political biullshite. To make a leap from silent to pathologically amiss is, I think, a mistake. Given the scrambled legacy and practices, these might even be some of the most valuable and liberated humans going. When I think in these terms the sphere of life begins to shift in interesting ways.

Not too sure if VP would be a good spot for Tulsi. Secretary of State could be a better use for her talents.

On the other hand, she might make the best President to follow Bernie.


why not? Democrats can continue to milk the cash and all they have to do is practice outrage politics and “investigate” or grandstand with completely unpassable legislation they don’t even back. It’s the perfect gig for a party that was starting to run dangerously low on credibility fuel.


The fact that Tulsi Gabbard is polling near the bottom is a disgrace. She is the ONLY one daring to address the elephant in the room – the Military Industrial Complex and our abhorrent foreign policy of regime-changing, perpetual, for-profit wars. Bernie does at least mention it but only as a side issue. Marianne Williamson also focuses on it, among many other worthwhile things in her platform, but she is still an unknown. The fact that Americans don’t seem to want to talk about it only shows how brainwashed most of the people are in believing that these wars and our soldiers (serving as accomplices to mass murder and global destruction) are somehow doing a good and noble thing. We will never transform this rigged system, never do anything to truly fix the economy until we stop shoveling trillions of dollars down the black hole of our military budget and perpetual war.


Tulsi is not only vocal about the MIC, but she is proving herself to be the most progressive candidate all the way around. Just listen to what she says. She knows how to speak about the issues and policies without getting caught up in the personalities and all the identity politics.
You can watch her videos on youtube and if you want commentary, listen to “The Radical Independent” on his channel. Here is Tulsi’s most recent ad. It’s dynamite.
And the reason that Tulsi is only polling at 1% is because the Dem elites like Pelosi et. al. want to shut out her anti-regime change wars message, and the press is cooperating with them to do so.
Tulsi is by far head and shoulders above all the other candidates.


Beating Trump is not a problem for Bernie. Beating the DNC, the corporate democrats and the “super” delegates (also knows as the stop the popular movement delegates) is the problem.