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'This Man Can Beat Trump': Sanders Viewed Most Favorably of 2020 Democratic Candidates

That is by design. Look at the fear the main stream media spews day after day. It is structured to mold opinion and to frame the conversation in a manner that supports the establishment position. Frankly, Mr. Goebbel, no one should know that better than you.


Yes, Bernie could bury Trump but here is the problem: THE DEMOCRATIC, POLITICAL, ELITE WILL NOT ALLOW BERNIE TO DO IT!


Except she will not get a chance to follow Bernie…but Tulsi may get a chance to follow Biden.



Jim Zogby broke down the polling on Katie Halper’s show. Very good…


And Tulsi is very very progressive on almost all other issues also, not just the issue of war.
She is the only candidate to speak out loud and clear against the arrest of Assange and Manning, and potential arrest of Snowden.
It is one of the great mysteries that she is polling at 1%. I don’t watch mainstream media, so I don’t know what’s happening there, but I must assume she is getting zero coverage, on purpose, to make sure nobody sees her or knows much about her. Got to protect that military budget!



Sanders is leading in the head to heads according to the polling.


Boy is this looking like 1968 all over again.
Back then, the majority of the Democratic Party was definitely left of center, yet the Party apparatchik (in the wake of LBJ stepping down) desperately wanted to hand the nomination to a middle of the road, pro-war, pro-union moderate. During the early primaries the DNC did everything in their power to jam Humphrey and Muskie down the throats of their far more liberal electorate. Then Bobby entered the race, and the Democratic Party, particularly the youth vote, was energized like never before. Kennedy won primary after primary, leading up to California. It looked as though the democrats were actually going to do the right thing, and cultivate the Youth vote as a replacement for the Dixiecrats they had lost after the signing of the civil rights act.
Then a series of disasters fell upon them. Kennedy was murdered. The DNC used the convention to promote their pro-war establishment, ultimately nominating The party crony Humphrey. Daleys thugs beat the kids in the streets of Chicago, and they went on to not only lose to the beast Nixon, but alienate an entire generation of voters. The DNC imploded as the unions died and America’s largest generation, the Baby Boomers, abandoned them for the GOP, or worse, not voting at all.
It appears that history is indeed repeating itself, as an enormous generation, the millennials, are looking for a more progressive course in 2020. And thus far it appears that the DNC is more interested in replaying ‘68, with Harris playing the role of Humphrey, and the hapless Biden in a tour-de-force as the equally hapless Edmund Muskie. And the party electorate is far more liberal than the DNC leadership.
Will trump play the role of Nixon in the tragedy?


… in other news, ice cream is popular on a hot day.

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I agree, and there’s another angle too. If the DNC fails to install a DINO, they want Trumpo to stay in place because it gives the illusion to the voters that they are fighting against the “evil one”, when things continue to go down hill for the 99%. If a dem is in the WH when this happens, they have no one to blame, but the party itself.

It’s very important for everyone to vote for Sanders in the first round, and I mean everyone. This will force the DNC to try another tactic to subvert Sanders that will be very obvious to the voting public, possibly crushing the old guard inside the party for good.


Why is Biden leading in all the MSM polls? The same reason that Tulsi is polling at 1%!


The problem with tulsi is that she has not made a strong stand on universal healthcare, free college tuition, taxing the rich and fighting climate change. These are also key issues that she must take a stand on.


I remember those days so well. What a set of experiences and events. Thanks for the memory so succinctly put.


Biden was expected to do well from he beginning as he was corporate America’s choice. That translates into favourable coverage by the MSM regardless of his faults. Though Biden as the Democratic candidate would ensure that Trump gets re-elected, this is preferable to to a Sanders victory which would undermine Pelosi et al and their corporate contributions. To Pelosi, it is better to let the planet burn and keep their political donations, than support the people’s choice (Sanders or Warren) and risk harming the Party’s corporate cash cow.
The establishment has one key agenda… to prevent any real ‘Lefty’ from ever running for President. They have been successful since the end of FDR with a slight hiccup from JFK. Any real Lefty will run on a platform of social equity and justice, the two most hated phrase that billionaires can hear.


In my opinion, not Harris; because Biden has already been pre-selected by the super,corrupt, demo/rats! But Biden may select Harris for V.P.

If only

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Once AOC is of age, she will cruise to victory despite the corporate assault that she will be subjected to. Right now she is the logical successor to Bernie.


They have contracted Ebolies from Rupert Murdoch.

If we could keep just one soldier from being recruited just imagine the associated savings to the tax payers. Recruitment, training, clothing, feeding, arming, additional training, deploying, vacation ( 4 weeks), and retro benefits such as healthcare, schooling, and in some cases disability payments.
How many people that need help, could be helped, if that money for a three year stint were spent on them instead of a soldier-in-waiting?