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'This Man Is a Monster': Trump Under Fire for Dismissing Entire HIV/AIDS Council by FedEx Letter


'This Man Is a Monster': Trump Under Fire for Dismissing Entire HIV/AIDS Council by FedEx Letter

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics note that with this "dangerous" and "appalling" decison, the Trump "administration appears to be blatantly admitting it will do nothing" to address the epidemic.

The White House was adorned with a red ribbon


And from my perspective, we have not seen anything yet from our FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER. One has to wonder how bad it will get before this Trump, monster is stopped.

  1. $1 trillion in tax windfall to the richest people in America and for himself and family.


  1. Cut funding and activity to fight HIV/AIDS.

Trump = Pathological killer with no shame nor empathy.


I fear you’re right.

If he thinks he’s at risk by Mueller in 2018, and the republican Congress is at risk in the midterms, his extremism will go off the charts. War(s)? Political assassinations? False flag terror attack(s)? Nothing is off the table in his squirming narcissistic world view.


If he is stopped.


It’s refreshing in a way.

Finally, the empire is seen stripped of the PR of both the Democratic Party & the Republican.

It was necessary that this happen - now rather than later.

So a necessary condition for change is apparent - but not yet is it also a ‘sufficient’ property.

We need both - the ‘necessary & sufficient’ conditions for survival, which are not yet here.

So - one out of two for 2017.

What will constitute the ‘sufficient’ aspect - and will it occur in 2018?

Can we make it occur?


I don’t see it happening either, Ed. And even if impeached: Pence.
And even if voted out: Corporate Neo-liberal “selection” next?

The system is the culprit. The system has been bought and paid for. If the system stands (And I don’t see a way to kill it) the working classes will only get more diarrhea “trickling down” on us.


Damn good question!


Time to rid ourselves of this moronic monster polluting our Whitehouse.


Ah yes “trickle down economics”, the republican golden shower. We have been gasping for breath in the midst of it since the 80s.

We need to run and elect people to public office who are not:

Moronic-ego maniacal-sociopathic-cowards beholden to big money and corporate interests!


By all means… Afterall, we have a disease that new diagnoses are falling by more than 10%/year in the US, and that killed 6,700 people last year, when by comparison, heart disease and cancer both kill more than 600,000 each.

Nothing is as permanent as a government program.


he seems to be on a roll to top himself with more monstrous ugliness every day. The denigration of the presidency and the congress and the courts - by the likes of republithugs will come back to haunt them all if the planet survives long enuf. They are all what nightmares are made of.


“Can we make it occur?”



Is any of this a surprise given the track record of the last 11 months? No. It is just a widening of the wound. There are more to come and more to be exposed of in the daze ahead. Seeing as we are at the end of the year there are news sites showing the history of 2017 and what has taken place. If you read them, as I hope you do because there is much unreported, be asking yourself…what is untouched. These are our future.


You know ridgewalker1 (nice moniker by the way !) -

Both the Treaty of Westphalia which created the modern state - and Magna Carta, which is falsely credited with our modern systems of democracy - were trickle down in both concept and execution - a sharing of power amongst the gentry.

Maybe 7.5 billion can find a new way - where lesser numbers could not.

In order to survive - we need to find an entirely new way, without violating any of the laws of human nature.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” ~

Let’s hope so !


With all that p*ssy grabbing he could be the next one to get it! :hugs:


Interesting, albeit disturbing, how many of the comments quoted in this article mention Pence by name.


Now let’s be fair. He is just returning the US to the greatness of yesteryear. You know when Blacks could be discriminated against with impunity, when segregation was the flavour of the day, when industry could pollute to its heart’s content and never have to worry about the sickness and death that proceeded from such pollution. Oh yes, the good old days, I’m sorry to have to bring you up short on that misconception but there were no good old days. Those days were rife with controversy, unfairness, prejudice and violence. They were not days that many people would want to repeat. Someone should probably mention that to the President.


I’m reading Frankenstein now. I’d say trump and co are far more lethal.


The man must truly loathe himself to a degree he cannot escape. From my informed yet naive (I am not a professional) perspective, there can be no other rational explanation for his psychopathology. This guy is really sick, hatefully, wholly consumed, sick. Anyone who supports today’s republicans has to be sociopathic themselves.