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This Moron Is the Only Emergency

This Moron Is the Only Emergency

Almost 60 former top national security officials and grownups have written an open letter declaring there is "no emergency that remotely justifies" Trump's move to build a border wall. But - breaking news! - there's def an emergency, and he's it. In the last few days, he publicly pouted about a term he misunderstood in trade negotiations, prompting snickering from Chinese officials, and then described said officials as "from central casting" with this glasses gesture. Surely slanty eyes are next. Cohen, Mueller, Congress, please hurry.

The beauty of the system called “Meritocracy” which it claimed the United States of America operates under, is that only the best of the best rise to the top…



“Human society is like a stew: if you don’t keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.”
–Edward Abbey

If the US were truly a meritocracy, Ralph Nader would be president, while Twump would be swabbing out toilets in a Motel Six on the Black Horse Pike, Rush Limbaugh would be peddling crank on the streets of Wheeling WV, and Ann Coulter would be sweating up the sheets in a Tijuana brothel.


One would naturally ask…the Best What?
Oh let me count the nouns that fit the description.

When we watch the Incalculable Lunacy of our Idiot in Chief

There is One… a Far Far More Sinister and Foul Specimen that walks “Blame Free” Amoung Us.

Whether in the Light of Day or in the Odious Fear of the Night, this Pathetic Cold Cash Blood Sucker is by Far a Supremely Disgusting Incubus who’s Easy Lay is the Ignorant American Public.

With Quaffed Hair and Beverly Hills ‘Tucks and Rolls’, this Creature of Foul Bedfellows Spews its Lies 24x7.

May the Mainstream American NewsMedia Enablers burn in Hell.

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Hmmmm MOU… I think its a contract but then with Trump as we follow what he does,------all trade agreements are still MOUs… except with one Trumpian change… with Trump it will be a Memorandum of UNDOING whatever was there before. : (

How embarrassing for the country.But not for Trump supporters. Its just fine and dandy that he acts like a buffoon just so long as he builds the wall and keeps the Mexicans out. And they dont want you to bother them with facts.


Note correction made to above headline by addition of descriptive expletive attributed previously to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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