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'This Must Be Stopped': Millions Call on Texas Governor to Halt Execution of Rodney Reed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/09/must-be-stopped-millions-call-texas-governor-halt-execution-rodney-reed


If new evidence has come to light all legal proceedings should be halted until that said evidence has been examined.
Stop this execution.


I cannot sign the petition because not US resident.

Please Governor Abbott halt this execution.

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Nothing gives the “right to lifers” wood better than an execution.


The death penalty is cruel and barbaric, so of course the United States a cruel and barbaric war mongering country; loves to kill people using a racist and corrupt judicial system. There is no knowing how many innocent people are jailed, imprisoned and killed by crude methods that most people would never accept for a pet dog or cat. California has had ballot initiatives several times to end it. They fail every time by fairly good margins. Our death row has something like 300 people that have been convicted. There is now no acceptable method because of a court case that yielded a verdict on the gas chamber as cruel and unusual. Many cases in several states have shown that numerous people convicted have been found Innocent after DNA analysis. MOST states will not allow DNA analysis even when it is paid for by outside groups. Incredible that we will not allow a person to prove their innocence.

Because I care about someone I don’t Know.
US not ME


I remember reading some years back a ruling made by past Justice Antonin Scalia in regards to a like case where the evidence showed that a person convicted of a crime and subject to the death penalty was likely innocent .

He ruled that whether the person innocent had no bearing as to whether the Supreme Court would hear the case. He concluded that as long as the PROCESS was legal under the law it was all that mattered from the point of view of the Supreme Court.

Again one of my favorite passages from the Tao.

Therefore when Tao is lost, there is goodness.
When goodness is lost, there is kindness.
When kindness is lost, there is justice.
When justice is lost, there ritual.
Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty, the beginning of confusion.

What the law has become in the USA is little more then ritual and the appearance of something worthy. It hides what has become injustice behind the trappings of ritual.

That Rodney Reed might be innocent is immaterial . They need their death Ritual.


Any doubt requires a halt!

From the article ““Mountains of evidence exonerates Rodney Reed. All of that evidence was kept from the all white jury that convicted him. Instead, the evidence implicates the victim’s fiancé—local police officer Jimmy Fennell—who has a history of violence against women, including being convicted for kidnapping and sexual assault soon after Rodney was wrongly sent to prison,” reads the website FreeRodneyReed.com,

This article doesn’t present “Mountains of evidence”, but it does present enough to cast “a shadow of a doubt” on Reed’s guilt. Therefore it should be considered. This article merely asserts the claim, and doesn’t present the facts of the case, to any length. David_P asserts that the claim has been considered by appellate courts in the past.

There may be enough substance to hold up the process, but you won’t find it in this article.


Texas is a barbaric state. I grew up here and live here now, and the culture here is unsparing and indifferent to human life and health. It is hardly surprising that it’s the death penalty capital of the country. As we learned with Todd Willingham, even proof of innocence is not sufficient to keep a person from being murdered by the state of Texas.

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Here’s the PETITION for Gov. Greg Abbott – (and others)

And Governor’s telephone # - 512-967-0567
Staff – 512-488-0698

And why shouldn’t we be bothering our Supreme Court about this …?
Telephone - 202-479-3000

We should all remember that the Supreme Court struck down the Death Penalty
in 1972 – but reinstated it in 1976!

Supreme Court strikes down death penalty

Right wing also overturned the original intent of the 2nd Amendment as related to a
MILITIA/ARMS which had stood for more than 100 years –

This is lawlessness disguised as law.


Well, I’m glad I’m not facing the decision Texas Governor Greg Reed has to make. Knowingly permitting the death of a quite possibly innocent man is a rather serious offense under God. If I were him I would stop at nothing to find the truth in this case. If truth cannot be found for certain then this execution of Rodney Reed has no justification.

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The Innocence Project has previously freed 16 people from wrongful imprisonment in Texas. Many had been in prison for decades trying to get someone to hear their story and use new technology like DNA. The courts and prosecution personnel stall and stall so their incompetence is not exposed. The total innocences murdered by the state will never be known.

One can read through the Project Innocence All Released by online searching to see the magnitude of wrongful imprisonment through out the US.

Investigators and prosecutors careers are grown on basis of ‘convictions’ not innocence. Even when they know you are innocent, they will try to get a plea bargain because often your court appointed lawyer agrees. Evidence is planted or fabricated that is detrimental to the innocent and evidence that would possibly free the innocent is hidden or often ‘mistakenly destroyed’.

Prisons are full of ‘plea bargain’ innocent criminals.

The justice system is another US institution that is not trustworthy.

Just happened to catch this Boston Legal episode with Alan Shore defending black man with 80 IQ. SO relevant and educational! A MUST WATCH, imo.
https://www.yidio.com/show/boston-legal/season-1/episode-17/links.html. On Netflix.

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The only people who deserve to be executed - with extreme prejudice - are evil bastards like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, for lying us into illegal and unnecessary wars for oil, power and territory.


No tv, no computer. But thanks anyway.

Wisconsin abolished it in 1853, and has executed only one person in it’s history.

We used to be ahead of our time on many issues affecting the public. Not so much since after the counter culture shrank away.

Thanks Cooper. My wife and I were Boston Legal junkies and watched every episode.

That series was one of the best ever on TV.

Rodney Reed’s semen was found on a raped 12 year-old girl.

So everyone rallying around him should at least be honest and admit that they are rallying around a confirmed child rapist.

I read the Tao every day and I realize every day how far the U.S. is from the values and ways expressed in it. It does not portend well for the U.S. that it has strayed so far from the decency of life reflected in the Tao. Scalia was an abomination. When a state no longer cares about the truth and is willing to destroy life - it is not a state worth having. The U.S. is in need of massive reformation.

Are you talking about Reed or the cop that probably murdered the woman they are trying to execute Reed for? https://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/news/2014-04-30/rape-victim-believes-rodney-reed-is-innocent/