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'This Must Stop': School Bombing Kills 22 Syrian Children, Six Teachers

'This Must Stop': School Bombing Kills 22 Syrian Children, Six Teachers

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Twenty-two children and six teachers were killed after a school in Idlib, Syria was bombed on Wednesday, which aid groups are saying may be the deadliest attack on a school since the conflict began.

"This is a tragedy. It is an outrage. And if deliberate, it is a war crime," said Anthony Lake, executive director of the United Nations children's agency UNICEF, of the attack on the school compound.

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Had Russian and Syrian forces finished off the besieged western terrorists in Allepo without humanitarian pause a couple of weeks ago,there would not have been so much false accusations against Russia. I agree with those who suggest that the humanitarian lull gave the terrorists time to reorganize and reequip. The US and it’s allies are looking more and more stupid since the veil has been removed off the face of their illicit support for the head chopping child rapist Islamist mercenaries. These western supported death squads are made up of otherwise unemployed Arab youths whose country’s wealth has been sucked up by the United States and Britain for almost a century. The Wahhabi sect has been promoted first by the British intelligence and then the CIA to use hate and prejudice as a cannon fodder and diversion to stave off otherwise bastion of potential trouble for oil rich Arab fiefdoms

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Excellent point, Matt. Further evidence pointing to some sort of false-flag operation for propaganda purposes. One wonders what all the Western handwringers were doing when Fallujah was wiped out…


The Russian response:


Not really. Usually when the US does something like that, it’s like “Sorry, we didn’t mean it. Some GPS coords were wrong”.

When Russia does it they immediately call all accusations lies and come up with all sorts of “proof” that it was someone else. Remember MH17? How did that pan out? And reading a few RT and Sputnik articles today, Russia is acting exactly like that.

“Syrian children deserve the right”. I agree and so do American children!

You defame Lady Macbeth who in the end was filled with such remorse and guilt she killed herself. I see no such feelings manifested by HRC/KBH.


Do you really not know how to spell Clinton or America?

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Good question since, if you read the report, the 'investigation was carried out by the ‘neutral’ Ukrainians and the ‘evidence’ seems to be questionable, and the rest is speculative. Seems to me that anyone saying something is a lie ought not to be prima facie evidence that the opposite side is true. It may be but not without evidence each and everytime.

That’s some kind of joke, right?

Actually the investigation was carried out by the Netherlands and everyone, incl Russia agreed the plane was shot down by a Russian made SAM. Russia’s narrative changed so now the Ukrainians fired the missile. So you see my point.

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Not really. Just look up incidents like that and you’ll see my statements are accurate. I know there’s a deep disdain for the USA in the progressive community but let’s not let others get away with murder.

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Oversimplification of the Syrian war. Worthy of a bro-con

Don’t worry, everyone! This is not a big deal at all. No, really. See, Russia says it didn’t even happen and that the photos are all fake:


So I guess you folks blaming Clinton for launching the attack from her backyard, or whatever you were all rambling about, don’t have to worry, because surely Russia wouldn’t lie about this, right?