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'This Needs to Happen All Over America': Outpouring of Support for Woman Who Stood Up to Big Oil


'This Needs to Happen All Over America': Outpouring of Support for Woman Who Stood Up to Big Oil

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When West Virginia House of Delegates candidate Lissa Lucas decided to take a stand against Big Oil's pernicious political influence last week by rattling off the names of state lawmakers receiving massive campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry, she was swiftly and forcefully silenced.

"Let's have a government for the people again. Money in politics breaks down public trust in our democracy."
—Lissa Lucas


Again, superb act by Lucas, reporting by Mokhiber, and publication by Common Dreams. Grassroots democratic resistance that is REAL. More, more, MORE!


There should be a strong follow up campaign naming names and fossil fuel blood money campaign donations in newspapers, on TV, online, etc.


She spoke truth to power. That takes courage. I admire courage and I salute her as I salute all who have moral convictions and the courage to stand up for them. Respect Lissa Lucas.


Yes! For EVERY candidate, for EVERY OFFICE, in the entire USA.


Never happen. That is one the reason she was so brave…it was the only way to get the word out. She knew what she was doing and that she could not get any attention any other way.


The " war’ industry does the same buying of politicians. An imagined enemy followed by lies , then a demand for increased military spending. It works every time. Peace is anathema to the ruling elite. There’s no money to steal when we are not at war and America is ALWAYS at war. 50 countries invaded,toppled or bribed since WW2. Salute the mercenaries , never. These are the men and women who carry out the atrocities we visit on peoples of the world. MLK said it best," …the greatest purveyor of violence in the world is the USA."


It’s somehow illigltimate to donate to folks who you agree with?

List em off, great.

Then when it’s over, look at the legislator’s work and vote on it on the basis of it’s content. IF it’s good, it’s good regardless of who paid and if it’s not, the same applies. Good legislation does not turn bad because an oil company supported the legislator, nor vice versa.


A huge BRAVA! to Lissa Lucas for her great courage and activism - when contrasts her principled activism with the corrupt local government representation and rigged system of those who silenced her - denied her right to free speech - the difference is stark indeed! We need thousands more like Lissa in every district and localality to challenge the status quo and corruption of big-money!


John Shott, the creepy piece of human waste, should be electorally shot right out of the legislative assembly.


Make Americans Grovel Again.


Your argument, that you repeat here daily, is complete bullshit.

The Koch’s have not invested over a billion dollars in politics because they “agree with” some politicians. They have INVESTED over a billion dollars in politics to DRIVE THEIR AGENDA and GET THEIR WAY. And by pushing their political agenda through the politicians they fund, they have profited in the many billions of dollars by EXERCISING POWER and DISTORTING DEMOCRACY.

And they don’t just “agree with,” they CREATE THE AGENDA and WRITE THE POLICIES that SERVE THEIR INTERESTS. Through ALEC they provide the draft legislation that their “liked” flunkies pass.


THIS is what FASCISM looks, acts, and SMELLS like!!!
Where is the revolution???!!!


GO LISA. The revolution is happening daily when people like Lisa stand up and resist the shit being thrown at all of us. Don’t look for someone else to do it for you. YOU ARE THE LEADER YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.


Now that’s true patriotism.


Exactly! There can be no real resistance to status quo in the absence of a peace movement.


What you call donation, many people, including myself, call a bribe.


We need a new American Revolution! No more of this! I have my pitchfork sharpened and ready to go! Liberty, equality, and fraternity! Down with the wealthy corporate overlords! All for one and one for all! The wind is changing, and if it doesn’t blow hard enough, then get out and blow! I am not afraid. Christ said " Do not be afraid of those who can kill your body, but of God who can destroy both body and soul in hellfire. To find our lives we must be prepared to lose our lives for what we believe in." The truth will set us free! This land does not belong to the fossil fuel industry and the mining companies! Enough! Democracy: Use it or lose it! Lucas is the cry from the wilderness. More power to her! Honesty, truth and love are the weapons of God! We can win if we all just get out and speak up and fight for our rights. The time is now or never!


Repeated here daily? It’s best to not start off with lies, when accusing other posters of them.

Yelling in caps doesn’t make arguments true.

Anyone owns the right to drive their agenda with their own resources, and this applies to everyone, not just people you favor and not just ones you don’t. Everyone.

And the same argument I applied to legislation applies to their agenda, whatever it is. Regardless of it’s source and it’s spending, you look at the arguments. IF they good ones, it doesn’t matter who pays. If they’re bad ones, the same.

Everyone uses what they have to push their own agenda, and it flourishes if people agree, not just because of megaphone size.

Democracy distorts itself by concentrating govt power. The issue isn’t the symptom of money, the source of the problem is the fantasy that power allocated to govt will not turn into a source of corruption whose cause is the existence of said govt power in the first place. You will not find a dime of money paid to govt officials or their campaigns for things which they have zero govt power over. This fact should tell you where the real problem lies, and it’s not in money. It’s in the power which draws the money.


That is right, legalized bribery! This is why Citizens United must be overturned or repealed by a Constitutional Ammendment. Everyone needs to fight for our rights or we will lose them forever. Republicans are close to calling to change our Constitution so that the wealthy billionaires and their corporations will have absolute power forever. They want to force us to live under the heinous Constitution of Chile under Pinochet. Pinochet is long gone, but the people of Chile are still slaves to minority rule because of this horrible constitution. Charles Koch and the fossil fuel and mining industry are in league with the people who wrote this horrible Chilean constitution and want to do this abomination to us. Few Americans know about this. We must wake up and stop them before it is too late. They only need two more republican governorships to do it. These republicans are committing seditious treason to our democratic republic and our Constitution. I say deport them all to Russia!