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'This Needs to Happen All Over America': Outpouring of Support for Woman Who Stood Up to Big Oil


WHY do mainstream media…wait. DON’T call them that. It implies that alternative media is fringe. Call them CORPORATE media…why do they never talk about this? Two reasons. First they make a big chunk of their ad money in election season, and print media especially is struggling–they don’t want to give up that cash cow. Secondly, the major media are a zillion affiliates of just five or six giant companies, with ties to lots of non-media interests–these interests are served by having politicians that take orders from corporations, not citizens. What we have here is a corporate-government-media complex, with less and less daylight between these three components. Governments don’t make laws inconvenient for media interests, which in turn protect friendly government entities, and the media corporations are intertwined with other corporation, which dictate to government.


That’s a good point- corporate media. That is what they are.


We the People can record it and make the necessary relationships with the media to get it shown.

The events will need to be widespread, prolonged, and peaceful.

Any violence perpetrated by the powers that be will be filmed and transmitted to a secure connection away from the events.

With a little organization and planning, We the People can bring down Humpty Trumpty, from his White Supremacist Wall, along with all the Pricks Men.


Yes, but I have seen agents provocateurs raising hell to demonize peaceful protestors and I can guarantee you… that will be televised!


Wish I had time to be more specific, but I do know that Bernie Sanders has been lenient about the NRA’s powerful negative influence on gun law reform because he has received support from the NRA. But correct me if I’m wrong! And even if I’m wrong about that particular, Sanders certainly must have received funding from wealthy donors (directly or indirectly) for his primary run against Clinton. I’d like to see more details about that, too.


You really had my attention unil the end. Our entire government is corrupt; Democrats, or Republicans are equally complicit in this murderous corruption.


GrannyD, ie, Doris Haddock, walked across the country (California to Washington, DC in 1990) in her 90th year giving speeches the entire way on behalf of the McCain - Feingold campaign finance reform bill in Congress. Nothing changed. The sob’s who are elected to represent us do nothing but give credence to a rotten, non-existant form of government in the US which is described as Democracy.


Jimmy Dore interviews Lissa Lucas today:


Yes Lucas needs to be elected but Shott needs to resign!