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'This Needs to Happen Nationally': Ohio City Ditches Columbus Day to Make Election Day Paid Holiday


'This Needs to Happen Nationally': Ohio City Ditches Columbus Day to Make Election Day Paid Holiday

Julia Conley, staff writer

Heeding a call by progressives including voting rights and indigenous rights groups alike, the city of Sandusky, Ohio will swap Columbus Day for Election Day as a paid holiday—allowing all city workers to take Election Day off so they can vote.



Here’s an interesting way to boost voter participation: Run candidates who aren’t corporate sock puppets.



A O-C tweets the question, “How is Columbus Day a holiday but Election Day not?”

The article’s last paragraph provides an answer:

“…of Americans who did not vote in the 2016 elections, 14 percent didn’t vote because their schedule didn’t allow them to get to the polls—suggesting that a paid holiday would help many to vote.”

Voter suppression—without which Brand R would be a perennial also-ran—comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s a damn strange kind of “democracy” that tries to disenfranchise as many of its citizens as possible.



It’s informative to me to know some cities had already switched to a celebration of native Americans to replace Columbus day celebrations. We can call our new election day, All America Day or (voting day).
We still have people that think out of the box on things like this. Those minds will help us stop our slow slide into irrelevance.



Sandusky, Ohio shows the way! Three cheers to you!




Yuppers - its time to deal with reality - What weŕe talking about is the residue from 1492 - don’t colonize for empire



“For the good of all, for the common good.” That is exactly what democratic republic should mean.



HI Thsanyal, and another great idea is that people when people have a voting holiday they can help those who cannot drive get to the polls. Voting Day, a great way to meet new people. : )



Kudos to the people of Sandusky Ohio! I’d be willing to bet big money that the Republicans will pass a law forbidding municipalities and counties from passing local ordinances that deal with broadening access to voting or any other progressive and forward-thinking laws. They’ve done it here in Florida and they’ll do it anywhere they can. Down here they are starving the public school systems of much needed money, pushing vouchers, pushing privatization, anything they can to destroy public education. They also passed a law that prohibited cities or counties from raising any more tax money over a ridiculously low millage rate that the bastards in our legislature approved. Florida should change it’s name to “BOHICA” (bend over here it comes again).



Instead of just shifting a three-day weekend to November, we should move Election Day to the second weekend in October, totally replacing the honoring of a mass genocidal murderer with an exercise in democracy. This moves general elections to better weather and allows plenty of time for instituting run-offs so we do away with less than majority winners. Sandusky, Ohio is best known as the home of Cedar Point Amusement Park, America’s Roller Coast ®.