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This Ominous Omnibus Bill Is a Holiday Giveaway to the Wealthy

This Ominous Omnibus Bill Is a Holiday Giveaway to the Wealthy.

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

There is an unwritten rule in Congress that before you do even a little for the working class you must do a lot for the donor class. So while the $1.1 trillion — yes, that’s a “t” — budget bill now winding its way to passage contains some tax breaks for low-income workers, in reality, it’s a bonanza for Big Business.


Call the White House and tell the President to veto this.


“By such are we governed today: soulless puppets dangling from the rich man’s string, their wooden hands outstretched, palms upturned. As we speak they are writing in secret new rules to perpetuate the rule of the few.”

Just as the earth was created by opposing forces that expanded it with others seeking to contract it, the forces of political life express a similar dualism. The rich ilk seeks to hold onto and condense “its” wealth, while in contrast, citizens seek to eke out a living in order to enjoy at least some of life’s benefits (as indicated by this most dense of Ages, a materialistic Yuga).

This tension has gone on for centuries. And this documentary brilliantly explains its dynamics over the course of the past 2:


I agree with MRM. This bill needs to be vetoed! Looks like McCain and Flake will be getting an ear-full from me. Temporary tax cuts for low wage, college students (redundant, but hey) and children for Permanent tax cuts for businesses? That’s beyond the pale. Makes me sick.



And how much of this info is in mainstream media as a discussion format?-And what is Obama’s take on all this? A hint- don’t waste your time telling Obama to oppose this because his finger prints are all over it. What ever happened to TPP? We are bystanders in our own country, I heard that the oil companies are getting their wish of allowing US oil to be sold abroad,but what are the effects? I am guessing this will raise gasoline prices-funny no media is discussing $6.00 a gallon. We will hear about it once its a done deal.


Obama has show us from day one that he’s with the wealthy – corporations –
Elites – whatever –
Also likely he’s CIA –


Hi Sioux Rose –

Why would anyone be surprised at this?
This is corporate fascism – and of course our American and International Elites despised communism – they despise labor and the threat that they’d actually have to pay them something for their work.

The US fascists having control over our government also could use the cute little trick of labeling any nation which didn’t want to bow down to their domination as “communists.”

Field was then open for their private CIA to assassinate democratically elected leaders of those countries – and shoving in someone who would do their bidding, preferably a Mafia operative who wouldn’t hesitate to deal with public dissent in any way needed – murder, if necessary.

While we’re all certainly aware of murdering of liberal leadership, we should also notice that even centrists are the enemy of these mad, deranged, psychopaths we call “Elites.”


Siouxrose, the problem with conspiracy theories is that they violate Ockham’s razor and are also the fallacy of Russell’s teapot. The philosopher Bertrand Russell once said a teapot exists in orbit somewhere between the Earth and Mars. He then pointed out that it is nonsense to believe him simply because you cannot prove the teapot doesn’t exist.

Arguing that a conspiracy must have existed in the Kennedy assassination because nobody can prove a conspiracy did not exist is the fallacy of Russell’s teapot. It is logically impossible to prove a negative. You cannot prove there are no unicorns or that there was no conspiracy to kill JFK.

What pray tell are the two opposing forces that created the earth? If you would bother to read a physics text, you will find there are only 4 fundamental forces in the universe: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. Only gravity was involved in the formation of the solar system.


Your post is the fallacy affirming the consequent.

If I am in Kansas, then I am in the US.
I am in the US.
Therefore, I am in Kansas. (The conclusion is false because I could be in any of the other 49 states.)

If Obama is with the wealthy, then I don’t like what he does.
I don’t like what Obama does.
Therefore, Obama is with the wealthy. (Did it not occur to you that perhaps Obama does what he does because he thinks it is the right thing to do?)

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In the odd parallel universe of Fox News where black is white and the poor are rich with grandiose government entitlements at the expense of the heavy tax burdens on the long suffering rich, this will be spun as more spectacular largesse for the poor. I live in Kansas where many cling to the idea that it is the poor who are creating all the government debt. However, poor people do not generally vote nor contribute mega-millions to campaigns and lobbying, therefore they tend to be non-persons on both sides of the aisle. Yet the myth of the legislative omnipotence of the poor oddly persists even as the military/industrial/financial/surveillance cabal blithely suck up funding and tax breaks. .


Another point…while this whole mess is unfolding…what is our local and national “news” media in a frenzy over? The opening of the new Star Wars movie. A Democracy depends on a well-informed electorate. This will not come from our infotainment mass media which is owned by six corporate conglomerates.


We will have to suffer them as long as we insist on being partisan in our blame. We all acknowledge that both sides are ‘soulless puppets dangling from the rich man’s string, their wooden hands outstretched, palms upturned’ and yet you mention names only when they are from the GOP and use ‘some Democrats’ when referring to the other side. You, the media, help perpetuate the suffering and the farce that one side is the Lesser Evil! When you write, “Thanks to the Republican-controlled House, and to the applause of the firearms industry,” you fail to mention that Bernie Sanders, the most popular Democratic Party Presidential candidate, supports the NRA.

Yes, we will have to suffer them as long as somewhat respected media like you, Bill Moyers, continue to help perpetuate the partisanship that is destroying our nation!


Yes! What ever happened to “energy independence”?

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It’s emigrated to a civilized nation, along with the “war on poverty”…

Good question, Barbara, and the reason I really dislike wide-eyed essays like the ones Winship and Moyers produce. Who do they think they’re informing? Every bill, hols or not, is a giveaway to the wealthy! That’s the whole role of Congress: to transfer the wealth we produce upward into the pockets of the rich, rain or shine, and, by giving occasional and meaningless lip service to our needs, keep us quiet while they screw us.


Call their bluff. Shut it down.

Great description. “By such are we governed today: soulless puppets dangling from the rich man’s string, their wooden hands outstretched, palms upturned. As we speak they are writing in secret new rules to perpetuate the rule of the few.”


“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Heaven”

I do not subscribe to where this parable comes from, but the intention of its meaning is accurate and relevant. The uber-wealthy, the “rich”, are a chancre on the sensitive parts of humanity and their ability to control, manipulate and dominate the destiny of all others on earth, our governments, our future as a species, is destructive in the extreme and must be eliminated - we have enough problems with “religious” psychopaths…

There will always be “rich” and “poor” but the disparities and vast extremes of difference and opportunity should and must not be tolerated in todays world - when 20 people control more wealth than half of all Americans, something is very wrong, and is destructive to everything and everyone…


Andrew –
I agree, but not sure about your conclusion . . . .

I think often when we understand truth we are in a better position to understand
who is creating our “terror” and “fear” and are perhaps then able to find a way to end the unwarranted control over our lives.

For instance, if we understand the cries of “communism” were really by the wealthy who want to harvest slave labor all over the globe – and if we came to understand the power of the powerless, then perhaps we would be a less divided nation and able to take control of our own government.

A good place to begin is with our own schizophrenic Constitution which proclaims “equality for all” but then proceeds to establish an Elite Patriarchy while subordinating everyone else . . . only white males of property had the vote.

Our “people’s government” then proceeds to turn land grants over to these Elite white males and bestow upon
them extraordinary influence over government and extraordinary access to exploit
our nation’s Natural resources, Nature, Animal-life, Human Labor.

They also provided a list of other human beings who were debased by our Constitution – Women, Native Americans, Africans enslaved here – to be exploited by these Elites.


nottheonly1 –

Yes, exactly –

And, for some reason it comes to my mind that no one yet has actually had the courage to call the McCarthy Era fascism, either.

Though, they may have and we just don’t know it – thanks to “Operation Mockingbird” which was put in place via Dulles’/CIA – with journalists being solicited by Phil Graham of the Washington Post to sign on as “CIA journalists” to move their propaganda in the US.

“By the early 1950s, Wisner ‘owned’ respected members of The New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles.”[3]

I’d have to guess that we pretty much now have a CIA/corporate press.


Our system of Justice is based in conspiracy –
Remember Scooter Libby, for just one example?

Our Founders understood conspiracy –
that is why we are directed to be “vigilant” and to defend against all enemies,
domestic and foreign.

Some were concerned with a conspiracy between a president and vice-president -
and some of us may think we actually saw that with the rise of W/Cheney.

Scientists continue to explore the concept of anti-gravity –
And our government operates – on demand of a “national security state” – in secret.