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This Passover, Let’s Free Them All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/08/passover-lets-free-them-all

Good timely article, but impossible to read about the Israelites without thinking about the plight of the Palestinian people, whose treatment is an indelible stain on the history of the Jewish people.

"But with COVID-19 spreading, keeping people penned up while the rest of the country is urged to maintain “social distancing’ is nothing short of inhumane.”

"It is incumbent upon us to amplify the cries of imprisoned immigrants with our own voices"


ICE administers genocide by coronavirus, at this point. Deliberately, implacably, and with little fuss about it from any quarters aside from the odd cleric here and there. (How quaint, you identify as a human being!)

The irony is that ICE has to be staffed by people coming into some contact with carelessly infected brown people, and you know what? There are known instances of transmission from brown people to white people (it’s not just one-way, you know). So it may turn out to be an inept genocidal initiative, if the purpose is to further white-supremacy. At any rate, a horrible moral stain for USAmerica arises in our borderlands.

In Louisiana, our up-and-coming coronavirus hotspot, for instance, where huge infected institutions are splattered all over the landscape, as in other states.

Seven Disturbing Facts About COVID-19 in Louisiana
by Bill Quigley

As long as Israelis continues to persecute Palestinians they have no right to talk about anything. Israel will be seen, in the course of time, as one of the biggest mistakes in history.


Hi oldman:
I was thinking abut the Palestinians too—and what about them?


Hi laminate7:
They left Egypt led my Moses and went looking for a place to call home, The Cananites were already there and others too. There were a lot of people there already-- but sadly after all that trouble, Moses never got there.

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Lets also include the Palestinian people…

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Hi Lamonte7:
I think they just switched places with the Egyptians ruling class. : )