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This Person Exists: Transgender People Can Now Fight and Die For the Empire


This Person Exists: Transgender People Can Now Fight and Die For the Empire

The Pentagon's decision to end its ban on transgender people serving openly in the military has been widely praised as a move toward equality and their right to serve "without having to lie about who they are," and it is. But the shift also came swathed in alarming language about the likely coming wars under a hawkish Clinton that make the military's declared need to "avail ourselves of all talent possible" and "have access to 100% of America’s population” less than reassuring.


Well, if you look at the executive orders locked in the President's desk, you will see that with a few signatures, the government will have the right to use anyone as it wishes, put them in jobs, say in weapons manufacture, etc., as it wills. It has the right to move citizens around the country as deemed necessary. It would take little stretch of the imagination to find that these orders could also set in place a universal draft, as our expanding wars require more cannon fodder than the current rate of "volunteers" supply.
* The criteria for imposing martial law has become very loose in the past few years. A presidential anxiety attack might suffice.


yeah..... i've kinda had the notion that these hawks have a tiny bit of sense......they haven't reinstated the draft, and i've wondered if it's because they see how the last draft led to america's rip into parts as young people united to fight against war and conscription....and joined older peaceniks.......


Wonder how many transgendered members of the military are promoted...or when discovered by their fellow soldiers are ostracized, verbally (or even physically) and emotionally abused; sent to remote outposts or to the least desired postings. Because the military grants transgendered folks the right to "fight and die" for the empire does not mean that they will be treated equitably nor protected from harassment or abuse. Just ask women who were harassed in combat and non-combat zones and reported it, the outcome or their cases: nothing done beyond lip service even after House and Senate hearings were conducted. Yeah, "policies and procedures" were changed but they were not even as good as the paper on which they were written.


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The video on the front page would have been more affective if the final words, "this changes everything", had been..."this changes NOTHING".


Excellent question responding to this from Ashton Carter, SecDef: "We have to have access to 100% of America's population." For what...?

Well, they are assuming that half of us are not mentally fit due to our love of the US Constitution, the US Declaration of Independence, and our adamant refusals to bow and scrape while drooling over the imperial flag of US military adventurism abroad. They need the other half to silence us. And, of course, to keep all those already roaring wars and all the new ones HRC drools over when she has her ill-tempered fingers on the big global eradication button.


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Perfect Abby. And effective video.