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This Pipeline Victory Could Have Major Implications for Climate Fights Ahead


This Pipeline Victory Could Have Major Implications for Climate Fights Ahead

Julia Conley, staff writer

Environmental groups on Tuesday were applauding a decision that could have an impact on future rulings on oil and gas industry projects.

An appeals court in Washington, D.C. sided with the Sierra Club when it rejected federal approval of the Southeast Market Pipelines Project, which would carry gas through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida—noting that an environmental analysis of the pipeline, which failed to address its climate impact, was incomplete.


Good News for now, but what happens when this is appealed to SCOTUS?  Meanwhile, it’s a precedent that should encourage all regulatory agencies to do their jobs in spite of our current presidunce.

BTW, isn’t this pipeline one of many RePooplican-backed projects that Florida’s “DamnocRat” congressperson Dirty Debby Duhbya-Ass (aka DWS), along with her payday-lender bankster buddies, has openly supported?
Like I’ve said many times before, It’s Time To DITCH the Bug-Eyed B**** *

* A succinct term that several adult female neighbors also use to accurately describe Hilliary Clinton.


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