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'This Pipeline Will Not Be Built,' Indigenous and Climate Leaders Tell Trudeau After Canada Approves Trans Mountain Expansion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/pipeline-will-not-be-built-indigenous-and-climate-leaders-tell-trudeau-after-canada

At the same time as this, Trudeau is facing torrents of hate and even thinly-veiled death threats from the new, neofascist, yellow-vest-wearing, Jordan Petersonist Canadian right for not building the pipelines nearly fast enough, and for not declaring global warming a (((virtue-signaling cultural-Marxist-globalist))) (/s) hoax!

Poor old David Suzuki is needing bodyguards if he travels to Alberta too…

Trudeau is a sniveling coward of a man for proclaiming he wants to fight climate change but is afraid to take on the fossil fuel industry. But Trudeau is popular because…well, he’s a pretty boy and I guess those Canadians like that.

Here is an excellent article on what is happening behind the scenes in Canada:

Trudeau’s government claimed in a statement Tuesday that “every dollar the federal government earns from this project will be invested in Canada’s clean energy transition.”

Trudeau is repeating the same nonsense that the Government of Alberta promotes, that being revenues from these projects can help mitigate the harm done.

It absolutely ridiculous.

Meanwhile the industry is out there mingling with the First Nations community promising them buckets loads of Cash and “High paying jobs for Indigenous peoples” if they sign on.

Here on the West Coast gas prices at the pumps have been rising to record levels even as in other areas in Canada they much lower. I have a hunch this very deliberate as I am now hearing ads on the Radio that these high gas prices the result of Gasoline shortages in the region because there not enough pipelines.

My thoughts exactly.

And not all Albertans are for this pipeline.

I’ve lived here for some 37 years.

I worked in the oilpatch as a consulting wellsite geologist for some 18 years, retiring from oil in late '97.

But knowing what we know now, i.e., that our fossil fuel emissions are driving us towards extinction - one changes.

I did - so can everyone else.

There will have to be a transition period - to keep the farm machinery running - for a time anyway.

David Keith’s carbon neutral “Carbon Engineering” synthetic fuels using direct air capture CO2 is a possible transition technology.

Then his machines can be used to bring down CO2 to Jim Hansen’s 350 ppm, or whatever number is finally decided upon, preferably by the many national academies of science and the United Nations.

Greta Thundberg speaks with a clear voice - and those students and young people in Germany are doing the exact right thing at the moment.

It is tempting to say the Trans Mountain Expansion is OK, and that the proceeds will fund later alternatives.

But my gut tells me no - Greta and the German movement and some of the indigenous tribes have it right.

Stop it if possible - right now !