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'This President Has Blood on His Hands': Trump Again Urges Public to Take Anti-Malaria Drug for Coronavirus, Despite Reports of Danger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/05/president-has-blood-his-hands-trump-again-urges-public-take-anti-malaria-drug

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I think trump is wearing us down by pulling one anti-American thing after another, day by day, hour by hour, to make his behaviors the new normal.


“What do you have to lose? Take it,” Trump said of the drug. "I really think they should take it

What do you have to lose? Maybe your life! If you believe the pathological, liar and a man that belongs in an asylum for the criminally insane!


Here is the foreign blood on his hands from Abby Martin.




Fox News has blood on their hands as well.
For those who have not seen this segment on The Daily Show:


The fact that Fox News is called news is a misnomer, it should be called what it really is Trump’s News.


Microsoft news offerss a variety of sports, news and opinions.
I do not yet understand why Trump is 50% of the click bait.

This guy has gotta go, gandolf.

The TB vaccine has better medical and science proven.
Both China and India provide this at birth.
1964 to about 1976, China did not use.

I understand that people with lupus and other autoimmune disease are having trouble finding the drug. Does it occur to anyone that supplies of it are limited?


I would have no problem talking with my physician who knows all of my history about taking combinations of the off-label anti-viral (primarily malaria) and antibiotic drugs should that be indicated (I am actually already recovered from COVID19, but that’s another matter). (Anecdotal discussions of a few overdoses or people drinking aquarium cleaner have no place in a serious discussion of this issue.) I would also have no problem discussing the matter personally with Dr. Know-It-None, as that would put me in range to do the world a world of good.


Anyone stupid enough to believe anything this clown says SHOULD DEFINITELY take lots of this crap.
Go to the beaches and then pack in to the biggest, most crowded churches you can find. Jezus Saves.

You can’t fix Stupid. And you can’t de-program cult members easily enough to make it worth while, or in time.

The sooner these morons get ‘raptured’ up, the sooner the rest of us can get on with fixing the problems they’ve caused and still INSIST on.

I’m losing my patience with stupidity.


As one of my southern state old timer acquaintance said: ‘I’m going to support my president
by doing what he says’.

I’m going to miss him…


There was a prominent social media blogger who declared COVID a hoax many times in her posts and an attempt by Socialists to take over the Government and impeach Trump. She claimed washing ones hands with hand sanitizer and the like not needed and they were announcing these measures to create hysteria. In her posts she said all you needed was common sense , faith in god and guns and all would be well.

She died of complications from COVID. Her family now trying to raise funds to pay the medical bills and funeral expenses.

Blind faith in an ideology or a guy like Donald Trump or some “god” in the sky that will save you if you brave is a form of stupidity.


Further blood on Washington’s hands, mounting as we speak: the Pentagon just explicitly barred commanders from breathing a word about COVID-19 cases aboard, or in the barracks. Not a hell of a lot of social-distance awareness in that Pentagon.



Need a laugh? Jimmie nails this one. It is so unreal watching this unfold and the utter indictment of this system and how exposed and vulnerable we really are. Trillions on weapons of war and killing while our health system is totally unable to cope which could possibly lead to levels of death close to what was experienced by Europe in WWII. What is the point of the military after all?


Just put it in the kool-aid. Many problems will correct themselves.

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It’s the new toilet paper for the cultists who continually shit themselves. But why? Didn’t they believe it was another Democrat Hoax?

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That links to Tom Petty.

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You think that moron would have made that statement with Obama as President?

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Good. The turd was thinned from the herd.

Looked it up, didn’t find that yet, but here’s a link to a similar story:


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