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This Race Is Far From Over: New Poll Shows Sanders and Clinton Tied Nationally


This Race Is Far From Over: New Poll Shows Sanders and Clinton Tied Nationally

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Signaling that the primary race is far from over, a new national poll shows Bernie Sanders tied with Hillary Clinton among those who have voted or plan to vote in a Democratic contest this year.

The Bloomberg Politics survey found 49 percent of respondents preferred Sanders, while 48 percent backed Clinton.


So did I hear correctly on Larry Willmore the other night the implication that Trump, once demonstrating that he can win the nomination and call his own vice presidential running mate, will eventually cede the top job (recognizing he is in over his head) to the running mate?

Really, I don’t need another bizarro twist on 2016 politics! Hope I heard wrong!


Now if the criminal voter suppression by the Hillary campaign, their DNC/DLC agents like we saw in Arizona can be stopped, and corrupted media report the whole truth, Sanders political revolution, our revolution, might yet prevail.

There have likely been other manipulations by the Clinton machine in previous primaries/caucuses that would have been won by Bernie. If the “super-delegates” see that Bernie is the stronger candidate by far, they will perhaps shift their votes. There should be a national call for a re-vote in Arizona after the blatant fraud and voter suppression!

As many have said, Bernie may not be a perfect candidate, and indeed his PBS interview/words on war/terrorism leave much to be desired, but his basic integrity, moral compass, and concern for the common good, means he can be approached and his positions altered - a potential presidency far-more open to diplomacy, if possible, instead of endless war.


Thank you for this Deirdre Fulton!

You write: “Clinton may…benefit from the shifting focus to foreign policy in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, which killed at least 31 people,” Bloomberg wrote. “Asked which candidate can best combat Islamic terrorism, Clinton bests Sanders by a more than 3-to-1 ratio.”

I hope Sanders VERY forcefully drives home the root causes of terror (blowback) and his STARK contrast with HRC in that regard.

Of course HRC will (gleefully, most likely) use the most recent terror attack to her advantage. This is beyond reprehensible given the amount of blood on her hands. I can’t even think about it as it is turning my stomach as I type . . . .


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Time to dope-slap the democratic leadership. Take action today. Here is what I did. I contacted the DNC at: http://my.democrats.org/page/s/contact-the-democrats and told them this:

Please pay attention to actual polls which show Sanders beating Trump by a 20 pt margin – much greater than Clinton’s 12 points. Clinton can certainly be given the nomination but it is doubtful that she will win a national election. Be aware that at least a third – maybe half of Sanders supporters will not support Clinton in the coming election and that she will likely lose. I know that the DLC has been the center of power in the Democratic party for 2 decades but it’s acceptance and time as passed. Pay attention to the voters, not to the pundits and corporate media. We cannot afford a continuation the corrupt state of affairs represented by Republicans or by Clinton centrists. Choose Clinton, reap Trump or worse, Cruz.


I’ve thought and said the same thing. Actually being President would be a bore and way over his toupeed pinhead. It’s the winning that feeds his insatiable ego.


Yes, yes and yes!!! We need to mobilize to make this happen should HRC get the nomination.

Read this----it is excellent:


VP candidates in both parties are usually selected by Party bosses, not the presidential candidate.

In view of how many agendas are in play in the 2016 primaries, with new agendas arising each day, it would not be surprising if you heard correctly. Perhaps Trump will be assigned a strong VP who just lets Trump do the talking the way Cheney ran the show and let Dubya be the talker who GOP voters like to have a beer with ?

There are GOP agendas that want to help Trump directly. There are GOP agendas that are pushing for Hillary so the GOP will have an easier time in the general election, the list goes on, so nothing should surprise us between now and November.


It’s not about who is tied nationally, it’s about who will be ahead when you’ve really heard them both out. That’s how it will be next November. That’s also how it will be somewhat in June.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a chance to talk to the Democratic voters in Idaho. Bernie won 78% to 21%. Hillary almost didn’t exist! Utah was a bit worse for Hillary, 79% to 20%. Arizona needs an FBI sting operation.

There’s also Vermont where Hillary actually didn’t exist, cleaning up zero delegates despite the full backing of the Vermont Democratic establishment. The idea of voting for Hillary didn’t occur. That’s what I suspect the whole country could be like in November.


I watched most of Bernie’s rally at the arena in Seattle and it was amazing. If this kind of enthusiasm and support can be carried into the convention then we can counteract the appalling manipulations by the head honchos of the Democrats In Name Only - Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this means YOU! No doubt with the complete complicity of Team Hillary. Remember, this is the Red Queen’s last shot at the Oval Office and she knows it. I think we mostly agree that there is little she won’t say or do to achieve her relentless ambition. The Clinton Dynasty must be taken down for good.


Paul, signing off to get back to work and am going with your wonderful comment today-----very welcome thought to place at the forefront of my brain in the wake of all the horrid news we are inundated with day after day after day . . . . .


I’m 60 years old and since the late 1970s have watched the continual decline of the USA’s moral footing in the world as well as the decline of every quality of life indicator save the accumulation of grotesque wealth for the few who were positioned well enough to take advantage. Bernie is the first mainstream candidate in my entire lifetime who has given me hope that we can change course before it is too late. When I watch him speak I am amazed that I am listening to an honest and good person and not a politician. I guess what I am amazed by is just how uncommon if not nonexistent that is in politics today.


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Why waste time petitioning stone-deaf Wall Street-worshipping true believers?

Speaking with our neighbors and friends about the election is far more civic-minded and successful.

Be well, and I wish you and all of us the very best.


National popular polling is interesting, but not predictive, since neither the Democratic nomination, nor the office of President, is won by direct national popular vote.


Between tail-wags-the dog stories, black swan events, and Inside Job scenarios, am I the only one who’d consider that in such a climate of tainted truths, that even this type of terrorist attack (some of them strike me as being staged by CIA or its affiliates) might be orchestrated–set like an ignition switch–to create precisely that type of effect?

And by “that type of effect” what I mean is the continued use–through deliberate pulses–of terrorist events to retain the rationale for State Powers to continue to beef up their martial forces, firepower, and surveillance on ALL citizens?

Hillary, as a card-carrying emissary for the MIC (much of her AIPAC speech sounded like an ad for selling weapons from U.S. war profiteer suppliers–this being defined as AID to Israel) would be the one the fear-driven might turn to for “security.”

If those who specialize in assassinations and Inside Jobs need a prop, its human costs mean nothing to them. THAT is already proven.


I didn’t and wouldn’t donate anything to them, if anything, my own progressive culture non-profit is in its Fund Drive season. I looked up the contact address with no illusion that they care what I think but, if they are flooded with similar messages there is a chance that as opportunists they’ll take a hint.

Every but of citizen activism helps.


The slithy toves did gire and gimble in the wabe…

All mumsy were the burogroves and the moonraths outrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, My son…

(I love that poem. I just recited what your screen name brought to mind… from memory… I’m sure there are spelling errors).


This actually works as “every butt of citizen activism helps.”