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This Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

This Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

Ellen Brown

With what Naomi Klein calls “galloping momentum,” the “Green New Deal” promoted by newly-elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appears to be forging a political pathway for solving all of the ills of society and the planet in one fell swoop. It would give a House Select Committee “a mandate that connects the dots between energy, transportation, housing, as well as healthcare, living wages, a jobs guarantee” and more.

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This is correct yet simply canceling the last government reverse Robin Hood tax theft from average citizens for the rich would also pay for it.


The fact that most hyper-inflation was due to War spending and Foreign debt service can not be emphasized enough.

This the very thing that happened under the Nixon Administration when he pulled the US dollar off its ties to gold. There was massive inflation the world over and Countries started introducing wage and price controls. The Private Bankers with Milton Friedman leading the charge claimed this the result of the Government printing too much money and running deficits and agreements were entered into that shifted more of that power to the Private system as it claimed they more diligent .

War spending , as happened during the Vietnam war, adds little to an economy and Country as a whole. It can not be seen an any way shape or form as an investment in the future like infrastructure and social spending does. War spending is just funneling wealth into the pockets of a few. End wars and the desire for war and there plenty of “funding” available that will generate returns for the Society far into the future.


Money is semiotic: it is built of signs, of symbols, of less than air, of stories.

The funding will exist if the storytellers are convinced that they have to do this.


Now we just need a functional Congress. And then a president who seems to understand that he wasn’t elected by the Russians but by Americans.

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It might be nice to work out a plan for funding that does not depend on those who find that they have a vested interest in seeing such a plan fail.


“Radical plan” ?

Within the context of Orwell’s writings, I agree.

Recall Orwell’s observation that “in an era of widespread deceit telling the truth is considered a radical act”


what AOC is NOT mentioning is what exactly she means by “the government always has a blank check for the military budget, but never for social programs”. what she does mention is that the federal government CAN afford the GND, a job guarantee, infrastructure overhaul–the list goes on and on. they can afford to pay for it all, today. macroeconomic operational reality–or functional finance–or modern money, if you prefer, is what she knows–and we ALL need to know. you may have heard of this referred to as MMT. what this tells you is how the economy really, actually works–how it is now working for the few–when it was meant to work for the many–for public purpose. why it does not right now has much to do with both current campaign finance laws and the by design controlling and oppression by the rentier class. AOC is talking about MMT without mentioning the acronym. no new taxes, no ‘donations’ from private banks–none of it is necessary.
please consider learning how it all works. you’ll never be the same again…

From the Next Systems Project:

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If the market was naturally free from interference by Big Money, monopolies, protectionism and from all who control it, do you think it just might work?

What I wonder about is whether it might be possible to - as a people/country - to ultimately render the predators irrelevant. Economics is an agreed upon set of ideas and actions.
The demonization by one system of another is not only unnecessary but indicative of malfeasance by the accuser. Otherwise, one simply identifies the dysfunction of any given idea or set of ideas and corrections are instituted.
Toward expansion on Dr. Michael Hudsonś persepectives:

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A far more secure future for all (in the US and rest of the world) could be had by implementing the Green New Deal at the expense of a bloated military budget and military.

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That’s the consensus of those of us that drink the kool-aid, shrink the military and it’s budget, but how do you make it a reality in less than 50 years or so?

Hello Old Goat,

I listened to the interviews you linked to. Thanks.

Look at the world the predators inhabit compared to the past. Today Earth does not provide the free lunch capitalists require to keep going. Most of them don’t actually produce a profit; wage theft, outright subsidies and subsidies via cheap resources, low taxes and pollution as trash disposal add to the summation called profit, in capitalist economics via the Chicago school of economic philosophy.

Examine what is happening on the streets of France using your super socio vision;

Mostly working people. Shunning leaders. At least a day behind what the media says people want to know. Using face to face vocal percolation of ideas flowing. Even as people grow tired and return home they do not stop communicating. That’s what people do, all day every day. Computer networks are different than street communication not better or worse. France simply reached the french boiling point. December and January are cold. Will Macron add fuel to the fire? If this goes to spring, the people will have won their own new government.

Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate in terms of knowledge and ideas. The French have tapped back into ancient organic democracy. They did it once before in Paris and have flirted with it since. There can be no leader able to grasp the distributed intelligence and imagination of cosmic powered biology manifest as human. No person can do that. This french revolution is using that knowledge. It can see the problem of leaders. French people saw Bernie Sanders quit the people’s good energy and bow to the party at the same time people in the US did.

The US contains the same cosmic powered biology seeds of evolution as France. Evolution has been dammed in the US. But the dam has filled and it will be washed away like all dams eventually are. Pentagonians have a big five sided office base in DC. Big deal. The goose that laid the golden egg is sick, maybe very sick.

So we build a new seven branch government in our heads. We keep the seventh branch autonomous and safely outside formal government. It focuses distributed human intelligence and has the power to reorganize any department or branch that strays toward a totalitarian dictatorship of imposed laws serving a few corporate owners.

We keep working on imagination regarding how the new seven branch government will be most ecologically efficient and socially just. Imagination built by trillions of synapses learning to dance to the same tune. There comes a time when we look each other in the eyes and know that we each know the song in our own way and can sing it together.

The predators are still there. Now they are jealous of a new kind of wealth their money cannot buy. They order their troops to steal from the people but the wealth is a quality that cannot actually be touched or owned. Frustrated Pentagonians attack the surf with weapons rust into sand. Every one living then will be dancing in the street. From Philadelphia PA, to the SanFrancisco Bay> From Chicago to old Saint Louis, down to New Orleans. Danc’n in the USA.

The plan is not to replace the entire military budget with one focused on renewable energy. Let’s be real, there is still a need for a military, albeit a much smaller and less costly one. And there is an aspect of defense spending that is useful related to climate change - the R&D done by the military on climate change related equipment - they recognize what a huge issue climate disruption is. No plan out there expects the Federal government to shoulder the entire cost. But converting a large chunk of the budget from spending on the military to renewable energy and other solutions would go a long way to creating a safer and more secure world while facilitating broader progress at state, local, private, and individual levels. And I have not even gotten to the economic and social benefits of such a transition, an area almost always left out of the conversation by the neigh-sayers.