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This Republican's Case for Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/republicans-case-medicare-all

Well I often say that neither Democrats or Republicans really know what either Fascism or free-market capitalism is and this article supports part of that contention anyway. Our current health care system is largely Fascist whereby Corporations and Government collude to extract the maximum profit out of the sheeple as possible. Do you really think a government that OKs GMO Frankenfood, untested and unproven microwave everywhere (5G looms!), mercury and other horrible ingredients in vaccines, roundup, …a very long list here, is really looking out for our health? Look how long they suppressed cannabis which used to be in half the meds before the 30s and before they banned it. Our money system, the Federal Reserve System (syndicate!) is run by private banksters and we the sheeple are made to think that perpetual inflation (THEFT BY GOVERNMENT!) is normal. A dishonest monetary system does NOT a free market make!

One of the scariest part about Med for All is no one talks about a Patient’s Bill of Rights – and the right to reject all mandatory medical care which is where they are headed with this. The 70 or so mandatory vaccinations they passed in California and almost in Oregon for kids puts profits ahead of commonsense health care AND medical freedom. And of course greezzes the skids for the vaccine INDUSTRY. Our health care is pretty sick but to blame it on market forces is delusional. It’s Fascist health care but it sure isn’t market driven health care. Right now I think our government is too captured, too corrupt by corporations and bankster money to create a healthy health care system. Our dysfunctional health care is a symptom of a very corrupt and dysfunctional government. We need public financed elections and a prohibition of reps receiving corporate pay-offs before, during and AFTER holding office. Guess we are stuck with having to work on both government and health care at the same time. It’s pretty tough because the corruption runs wide and deep. Gopherit