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This Rightwing and US-Back Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

This Rightwing and US-Back Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

Gerry Condon

I am watching the cable news coverage of the latest escalation of the U.S.-orchestrated attempted coup in Venezuela. And I am disgusted. As far as I can tell from checking out a broader variety of news sources, the violent protests called by self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido are relatively small and pathetic.


Naked aggression against a sovereign nation on display here for all to see.

And where’s Bernie on this? AOC?

We are living in desperate times…

The Democratic Party Establishment and the presidential hopefuls would be the logical ones to be screaming bloody murder, but no, they are in league with the Republicans and the Pentagon.

When will those who support them all every election, learn?

There’s always one constant refrain, "But we can’t let Them win again."

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The ILLEGAL wars began, financed, and prosecuted by the U.S. in Libya, Syria, Iran and Venezuela are all about - and about nothing but - perpetuating U.S. hegemony, via the petrodollar, across the world’s economy. Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams and Eric Prince are all terrorists and war criminals and legitimate targets of opportunity, and as they like to say ‘all options for their elimination are currently on the table’. We should be actively trying to enlist the help of military assets in overthrowing this illegitimate government, nullifying every edict and judicial appointment and restoring democracy and the rule of law in our own country by holding new elections under U.N. purview.


Wouldn’t that be something? If people and governments and the U.N. came together to finally beat down the bully? Man, I’d pay to see that.


From the close of the article:
“Venezuela just might become the Waterloo for the whole damn rotten Establishment, and a victory for all the world’s people.”

Oh, let us hope so! We don’t know exactly when or how the US empire will begin unraveling, but we DO know that that time is coming. Let’s make it happen!

(And props to CD for re-posting a Gerry Condon article.)

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Just stick around. The window on salvaging our existing form of government is quickly closing. Absent Trump’s removal from office and a national renunciation of the neoliberal and neo-con agendas of both parties, which equate corporate racketeering with ‘freedom and democracy’, the rest of the world will be forced to submit or side with the increasingly persecuted opposition. At that point we will look very much like Venezuela looks today, tottering on the brink of civil war, devoid of any international leadership role, a currency which has lost most of its value and a dismal future no matter which side prevails.

Hubris comes with a price tag, and we have run ourselves up a HUGE tab.

As an artist, you’re painting a pretty dismal picture of what may come.

Growing up in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, I was spoiled, not by my parents or anything like that, but just the Rock of Ages time that it was.

Even then, times were tumultuous and hard to understand how humans became so cruel to one another.

Now, the global elite are in a frenzy to grab all the wealth they can, at any cost it seems.

I don’t see a great awakening of the people. I don’t see them even capable of equating the twisted agendas of both parties with the corporate prostitution of the elected officials they willingly vote for every single election.

Yeah, our nation will in the future look completely different, and the players in Washington will change, however, where I had for a long time had great hope in the people coming to their senses, rejecting the lies they’ve bought for decades and decades, now I’m coming to accept that I was wrong.

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One prominent Democrat who is siding with Trump, Bolten, and Abrams in the effort to militarily overthrow the Venezuelan government: Joe Biden, the establishment’s nominee.


From the American perspective, Venezuela is just another banana. And the US, through its self-proclaimed Munroe Doctrine feels it can do whatever it wants.
Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme choise.

While Washington’s witches keep the cauldron bubbling,
“Double, double toil and trouble;/Fire burn and cauldron bubble”
(Macbeth,IV.1); Vet’s for Peace name the evil one’s outright.
Could South America’s, liberation theology movement;
with its emphasis on a kingdom of God for peace and justice,
free the American military from its bondage to “the ravenous
wolves in sheep’s clothing” (Matthew 7.15)?
Vet’s for peace, with their passionate intelligence, are
bearing good fruit.