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'This Scares Me,' Says Bill McKibben as Arctic Hits 100.4°F—Hottest Temperature on Record

There simply isn’t enough time, if we had taken the issue seriously and acted with dedicated determination back in the '70s, it would have been a relatively easy, smooth (and even profitable) venture. Even in the eighties and nineties, the task would have been more costly and certainly less profitable, but it still would have been much easier (if a significantly less comfortable) to accomplish. By the turn of the century, the best we were realistically looking at was adaptation and a low level climate overshoot as we clawed back that which we could not prevent, but, all thoughts turning a profit while learning from our mistakes were gone, this was now a quite expensive prospect with the best case scenario involving massive destruction and limited survival opportunities. Within the last 4 years the prospect of our species surviving our own arrogant ignorance, has virtually disappeared. Perhaps enough survivors will adapt enough to cling to life, but that is increasingly unlikely as our emissions continue to increase even as our viable future survival potential vanishes.

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Thanks for your reply. What is so insidious to me is how global warming is accelerating in Alaska, especially true in Arctic, Alaska.


The Enlightenment helped fuel the concept of Dominionism. It sort of like the steam engine. The concept of the steam engine dates way back further then the Industrial Revolution but it was the Industrial revolution that saw steam as power spread across the world.

The single largest issue I have with Western Science that grew out of the Enlightenment is that it too focused on breaking everything down looking for a singular cause and effect rather then understanding that things work holistically. It very much parallels the concept of individual human rights over collective rights. It the thing behind “private property rights” as opposed to the concept of “the Commons”.

For at least a decade now scientists have been constantly surprised and falling behind by how quickly change has been coming and accelerating at exponential rates. Combine that with an event like this, 100.4 F, it strongly suggests at least to me that a collapse is coming and humans will be totally caught off guard and miss it until after it’s already too late.

Also, fyi see MJ article: We Just Found the Most Terrifying GIF on the Internet



Heres the future:

Yes, it looks scary as hell! Siberia and Alaska share much of the Arctic circle. Thanks.

Are you kidding? That is just astonishing. It must be the altitude.

I think the most shocking statistic from this article is the fact that the temperatures we are currently seeing at the arctic were expected to not happen till 2100. Climate collapse isn’t just coming. It is already hear. I would say that humanity already has one foot in the grave but at this point I think all that is left is to fill the grave up with dirt.


That is part of it We get 100F when Palm Springs and Phoenix hit around 110. But this is odd by nearly 10F.

“Thermal anomaly” ?

If temperatures continue to rise, nobody knows what will happen. More methane in the ground and continental shelf will melt and that makes the climate much warmer for decades. (its a non-linear relationship.)

Big changes in the global weather could happen. The best thing we can do is cut our energy usage in as many ways as we can.

And that was 3 years ago.

I reckon, but I can’t say. We sort of get the extreme edges of everyone else’s weather. But I haven’t seen a season I would have called normal here for a few years.

Some victims of these super tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other extraordinary recent weather events we’re experiencing would surely agree with you, but in terms of “collapse” I think there is still more unimaginable catastrophe to come. One only has to read about previous mass extinctions to understand that ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet.’

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Individual cuts won’t matter squat if the big agriculture and war machine continues polluting. We all as individuals could switch to green and their actions will still screw us. Of course our politicians and their corporate masters will make sure such changes never happen.

Indeed. I am just pointing out that it is foolish to thing that the hell that is coming is far of. We are currently experiencing the prelude to the upcoming chorus.

I don’t know. I haven’t figured McKibben out yet and tend not to place people on pedestals, so I just count him and Moore as parts of the ecosystem, as it were.

There is no real debate about this. There is what the climate scientists have been saying for the past 50 years, which is that human industry is destroying the balance of nature and the stability of the climate is now in collapse, just like they said it would. Deniers are all in the employ of companies causing the problem.

You mean the US. America is a continent or two, depending on reckoning and linguistic conventions. Two for anglophones; one for hispanophones, lusophones and francophones. And there is a huge country that is behaving even more badly than Trumpland: Brazil. There was also an extreme record high in a peninsula in northern Antarctica (the maps were very unclear but it looks as if it is the other end of a link between the ice continent and Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America).

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Sorry to generalize, throwing the more civilized Canadians onto the pyre. Because the word “America” is represented by the A in USA, many call it America, but your right, technically Americans in general are persons from the Americas.