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This Should Be Fun: Sanders, Cruz to Square Off Over GOP's "Morally Repugnant" Tax Plan


This Should Be Fun: Sanders, Cruz to Square Off Over GOP's "Morally Repugnant" Tax Plan

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders has denounced the proposal for offering "billions in tax breaks to the wealthiest people," while Sen. Ted Cruz called it "incredibly encouraging."

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders will square off next week to debate President Donald Trump's tax plan.


I have to admire—albeit grudgingly— Cruz’s chutzpah. He’s going to have to lie his face off in real time, before a national audience, to persuade the hard-pressed 99% that they’re the intended beneficiaries of a tax plan written by and for the 1%. Give him hell, Bernie.


I know Sen. Sanders thinks this is using the MSM for good ends. I’m not so sure, though.
Giving Sen. Cruz an equal platform to promote this type of
" garbage quasi-economics " with the " Lyin’ Ted " Cruz is to turn this debate into an exercise in futility. Cruz is the most reviled Senator in Washington, D.C.
" When you roll around with pigs, don’t be surprised when you come out of the pen, smelling like shit ".


This is the same kind of comment we heard when Bernie and Amy Klobuchar were going to debate Graham/Cassidy about healthcare. I’ll remind you GOP healthcare died ()although trump will try to destroy it via an executive order). People who don’t know or don’t like Bernie Sanders seem to forget, Bernie is the MOST POPULAR politician in the country and they continually underestimate him.


I’m not underestimating Bernie. I’m questioning the ability of CNN, and especially Tapper, to allow a real debate to take place. Tapper & Co. are not known for their erudite follow-up ???s and evenhandedness. D. Bash has been less than stellar, as well. She’s going for heat, not light, here.


Bernie has dealt with Tapper and Bash a number of times. He has always managed to keep the focus on the points HE wants to get across. Bernie is pretty savvy and after 30 years in Washington, I do believe he can handle any situation.