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'This Should End Really Well...' Obama Orders Ground Troops To Syria


'This Should End Really Well...' Obama Orders Ground Troops To Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

Fulfilling long-held predictions of "mission creep" by critics, sources within the Obama administration will on Friday announce that U.S. ground troops will now be deployed inside Syria.

In strategic leaks to various media outlets, the Pentagon has made clear the president's plan to send approximately 50 Special Operations soldiers inside the war-torn country. Reports also note that expanded ground operations will also be taking place in neighboring Iraq.


Looks like deja’ vu all over again, when President Johnson sent a few " advisers " to Vietnam. This could turn very ugly; especially, now that Russia has vowed to protect the Assad regime.


Thanks yet once again president Obushma. “Hope and change” my ass! One can only hope that when your sorry ass leaves office it will be replaced by someone who has a moral center (not much of a hope there). I thought Bush was the worst president we have ever had. Now I believe that it is a tie. What a shame that our first African-American president had to be such a sorry ass liar and war criminal. What a waste of skin.


I’m drained of all emotion. This is beyond sick. This country is sick, psychotic really. I guess the government is ready to borrow another six trillion dollars for more war. It didn’t get enough in Iraq and Afghanistan. It needs more – more death, more destruction, more killing and maiming of innocents. What does that part of the world hold that is worth the first six trillion dollars and the next six trillion dollars? Is if for the oil companies? If so, couldn’t the taxpayers have just given them two or three trillion and called it all even and stay out of that part of the world? What the hell is really going on here? It has to be much more than meets the eye, much more than the intent of the mainstream media propaganda. I’m sick of all of it. I’m sick at heart. Stop it. Please. Stop it.


A war crime of course and violation of international law.


Just wait for the pandemonium that will ensue following the first televised beheading of a Murkin Soldier. Looks like we’ll all be getting ready for the Nuetron Dance.


“Mr. President, I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed, but I do say no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops! Uh, depending on the breaks.” General Buck Turgidson.


Some say this is all at the behest of Israel. Some say it’s all about oil and/or oil pipelines. Both are probably part of it, but there just has to be more behind all of this. Is it really just the lust for violence, for never ending war? What are the real reasons for all of this? Is it simply because we are a violent species, blinded by lust for power via killing and destruction? Again, not to beat a dead horse, but we’ve spent SIX TRILLION DOLLARS so far on war in the Middle East and South Asia. What in the HELL is over there that is worth so much? This has to stop. It is destroying us, it is destroying the planet. I see no end to it. I oppose violence generally, but whoever is really behind all of this, no matter what their reasons … they have to go … one way or the other they have to go … peacefully if at all possible. I am quietly, desperately, within my own mind screaming out in desperation WHY!?! WHY!!! God Almighty WHY!!!


Why is Scahill so sure it will end at all?


I only gave your comment one upvote because that’s all the system will allow. I am so ashamed to call myself an “American” citizen.


To “control the world” and the world economy, including key energy supplies, against China, Russia, and any other possible future threat to US military hegemony. To have WWIII (at the appropriate time, which sure seems to be drawing close), and to emerge as the undisputed world hegemon. In the illusory mad dreams of the architects of US strategy.


"Unnamed U.S. officials reportedly “stressed” to Reuters that the new boots-on-the-ground in Syria were “not meant to engage in front-line combat but rather to advise and assist moderate rebels.” "

"Russia in Syria: CIA-backed 'moderate’ rebels struck by fresh air strikes as Iranian troops ‘pour into conflict’

Yes, I lit the fuse, but I had no idea that would make the bomb explode.

What happens when U.S. troops are killed in a Russian air strike?


We are on a roll, suffering under a whole series of “the worst president ever.”


The Reuters article states that the US Special Forces will be embedded with “moderate rebels” in the “northern part of Syria.” That would put them in the midst of the al Nusra militias, an offshoot of al Qaeda. Although this group is willing to accept money and arms from the US, it is hostile to the US is every other way. Meanwhile, the Russian deputy foreign secretary has stated that any armed intervention in Syria without the invitation of the Syrian government is “unacceptable.” Our special forces will be under bombardment not only from ISIS, but from the nearby Kurds, the al Nusra, and Russian air attacks. Scahill is right – this is bound to end well!


Just another day in the neighborhood. Look at the violent, bloody history of the US. Born in blood, raised in theft, blood and slaughter, and continuing on the same violently acquisitive path. This country reprises the events of “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” on a daily basis. The why has not changed – someone, somewhere has something our psychotic leaders want (pardon the redundancy) – only the technology of traveling and killing has improved so that the US can spread its violence across the globe to fill the coffers of those who have too much already. This country is not exceptional. It is only another example of a violent nature that will merely add another chapter to the human history of avarice and murder. To me, Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, it feels a bit like what it must have felt like to be a German citizen in the 30’s. If history is any guide, it appears that the humans who are the most ruthless and bloodthirsty are those who want to govern and actively seek power. Here we get to vote for them, but they are still mostly twisted, morally broken souls. And, though I see this in a rational way, my heart cries out for justice, and for peace.


I know this sucks now, but trust me, it’s going to be totally AWESOME in 2017 when it’s Bernie or Hillary getting us into unwinnable wars!


In all likelihood those US troops, knowingly or not, are intended to be the sacrificial lambs giving the US reason to go to war against the Russians in Syria. This can spin out of control in the blink of an eye. US and Russian fighter jets may be engaging in dogfights already. We would likely not even be told if that were so.


Screw Godwin’s Law. The 3rd Reich is a well-documented, well-studied phenomenon, as is WW2. It’s perfectly legit to use comparative history in discussions of political science.

Most of the time when somebody invokes Godwin’s Law at you, it’s because they want to cut off the conversation because of an uncomfortable truth.

It is because the USA has the unofficial motto ‘it can’t happen here’ that it IS happening here.


Will be interesting to see how the candidates respond. Someone will ask obomber when he leaves office if he misses being commander in chief, I think he will miss it big time… .


Great, just what the military industrial complex needs, a war by proxy, US against Russia and Iran in Syria, blow up as much material as possible, which can then be replaced at high cost by the American tax payer to the benefit of the ‘1%’ which own shares in the “right industry”.

While the Russians use helicopters and effective machine guns against ground troops, which the rebel and ISIL forces mostly consist of, “we” use fighter aircraft, with rockets, which mostly just blow holes in the sand, but cost lots of money to replace and that is what the US war machine is all about: Profit financed by the tax payers, mostly by the 99%, who carry an unfair burden. If a lot of young American blood (~58,000 in Vietnam and ~5,000 in Iraq) flows in the process that is just unimportant ‘collateral damage’.

Wake up!
Vote in the primaries for Bernie, the only person, who appears to have the integrity and the gumption to stand up against this blood sucking establishment, which rules us now.