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'This Should Scare the Hell Out of You': Photo of Greenland Sled Dog Team Walking on Melted Water Goes Viral

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/should-scare-hell-out-you-photo-greenland-sled-dog-team-walking-melted-water-goes

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The Great Lakes are at all-time high levels, BTW. More rain on the way.

Enjoy the new normal now. Because another new normal is on its way. And another…and another…


It is O so much worse than they are saying…read more here.


Another day, another trove of scary news, another reason to be glad I escaped procreating. Sorry, (other people’s) kids, we’ve made a mess and left it for you to deal with. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.


Several years ago I predicted this future headline: MILLIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD SICK AND DYING AND NOW IT IS TOO LATE!

Unfortunately! Looks like my past headline is becoming truer every day.


I think i am long past being scared.

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Here’s some more scary news:


Where are the oligarchs and priests responsible for this going to take refuge? How is worthless money and desperate praying going to help them?

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Oh knowing Pence and the rest of his unholy shitholes, they will probably build a taxpayer funded ark and beach the damn thing near the foothills of Mt Whitney. If the ice melt continues in Greenland and the permafrost collapses in Alaska are as serious as they say, I’m looking forward to removing Florida, Tel Aviv, israel, Norfolk, VA and Wall Street off my Atlas.

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The demographers are predicting the world population to reach 9.7bn in 2050. Economist are saying more people are richer and healthier than at anytime in history. Tell that one to the people who were left out the that equation in the ME war zones, those on sinking South Pacific islands, the millions roasting under the heat waves in India, and those caught in drought torn Africa.


take what ever the 'prediction" currently is and change it by a factor of 10 (on the disaster side) and then do that again about once per week and you’ll be in the ball park.
Not because these scientists are are stupid or trying to hide anything. I think its because they a too conservative in their thinking and trying to be too careful. …and probably because they can’t allow themselves to believe what they’re seeing either

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PEnce and the like are are going to do what ever they can to force Jesus to cut his vacation short and come back


Then this should also scare you…

Climate change and war

Hi everyone,

Climate chaos, sixth extinction continues ramping up as expected by many. A normal reaction to the melting in the arctic, Greenland, ocean acidification, etc. etc. is intense grief, fear and anxiety. Anxiety because we do not know how quickly this will unfold---- human induced climate chaos is the epitome of something that could induce anxiety.

Throw in massive cognitive dissonance from those in denial, gaslighting from current world dictators and their enablers and you’ve got quite a psychological challenge on your hands if you are an empath with critical thinking skills!

Obviously the “stages of grief” don’t neatly fit into the grief experienced over the murder of the biosphere by our species. It is not a one time death of a loved one. It is the death of everything and the onslaught of catastrophic, heartbreaking losses is ratcheting up.
Time to find or start support groups----- however I find most people are still in denial. We need to talk to each other about the truth and how to cope.

In keeping with issues related to Greenland melt:

I’ve not come across recent research or dialogue about the likely increase in earthquake activity due to rapid melting. If anyone has any new data on this please share. Of course, we need to prepare for this but again, few are talking about it.

This is over 10 years old:


They’re all buying land in New Zealand.

And apartments built into old missile silos are going very well.


Meanwhile the screwed up polar vortex is creating conditions of epic rain totals across the grain growing regions of the US, you know, the world’s “breadbasket”.

Rates of planting crops are at record lows, and the massive flooding has ruined stored grains in silos all across growing regions.

Food production is off track world wide.

Scared yet?

They’ll have to learn how to survive without the help.


I’ve been told by such folks that “God will not let humans destroy his creation” and other such nonsense.

We have had rainstorm after rainstorm after rainstorm after rainstorm. Tonight? Yet another round of thunderstorms going into tomorrow. SW Missouri here.

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Hi Caroline…

When I awoke this morning, and tried to once again realign my perception of my own personal mountain of challenges to cope with having to do with economic stress, the usual psychological nuttiness of my existence…my personal brand of it, health issues not able to address…the other issues that popped into my mind were ACD caused abrupt climate change with incessant rains disrupting food production, fascism having surely come to the US with humans being held in concentration camps, and the list goes on.

Then, I go to make myself a pot of coffee, a healthy smoothie, and do my best to orient my thoughts in the most positive way I can muster, and that necessitates a rather healthy portion of denial, and I actually MEAN healthy. Denial has a certain utility at certain levels of tragic experience.

And I’m luckier than many.

For what it’s worth, thanks for your post and hang in there.

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