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This Sinclair-Tribune Merger Is a Rotten Deal for America


This Sinclair-Tribune Merger Is a Rotten Deal for America

Michael Winship

Gather around, everyone, and let me tell you a story about rules. And greed and hypocrisy.

Once upon a time in America, there was something called the Fairness Doctrine.

Approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1949, this rule insisted that because the airwaves belong to all of us, every TV and radio broadcast licensee must "devote a reasonable portion of broadcast time to the discussion and consideration of controversial issues of public importance," and allow "the expression of contrasting viewpoints."


It is highly likely that Sinclair influenced more voters in swing states last November than Russia did, if they did at all! Too many Americans still believe they can trust their local TV station.


The biggest reason our country consistently votes for the likes of Trump without reasoning, logic, information or common sense is being underhandedly given a new lease of life.

Coupled with the Devos penchant for enlightenment, we are heading right over the precipice to being slaves to the Chinese.


Sinclair Broadcasting bought our local NBC affiliate back in late 2013. There hadn’t been much fanfare by Sinclair promoting their purchase until recently. A few months ago I started hearing comments about Sinclair buying up whatever stations they could find for sale as a way to promote their right wing agenda. Until recently, the Sinclair trademark wasn’t very prominent during times like the end of local newscasts. Now it stands out so it isn’t missed. I haven’t yet noticed much commentary promoting Republican values during newscast programming, but now that I know their agenda, I’ll be watching for it.

I came across a cartoon in a regional freebie newspaper this week that was a commentary on all these Sinclair buy-ups. I found a link to the cartoon on a blog by the cartoon artist that questioned Sinclair’s Right-wing spew. This also led to a video by John Oliver attacking Sinclair’s agenda to promote Right-Wing interests with their propaganda.


Here’s a link to the John Oliver broadcast:


So do people still watch UHF stations?I think a better fight is to make the internet a public utility and available to everyone. There needs to be a major overhaul of how media works in this country. And if local stations don’t represent community interests they should be sued. I am watching CSPAN today and wondering why people have to pay to watch congress(though they don’t do a whole lot). CSPAN or something like it should be available on public air waves.----These mega media corporations should be broken up. Public air waves should be geared to the public and local communities. ABC,CBS, and NBC should move to the private channels where they belong.