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This Stoppage Won't Stop: Verizon Strike Continues as Talks Fall Through



Were I a US consumer of the services Verizon provides I would throw the words of their CEO's right back at them.

They claim they warranted their salaries because "good talent comes at a price and we will not be able to attract good talent unless we pay those high salaries" . I would query as to the wages of the worker doing the work and ask how can they have any talent or skills if paid such a pittance.


Trust me a robot can make better CEO of Verizon, it's easy to be ruthless cold blooded son of a bitch than is to enrich the workers lives through innovation and R&D spending. On the other hand why not nationalize all essential services and utilities. No one should profit from my electric service or, phone service, sewer or water services.


True story: I went into a Verizon store to have a look at a new smartphone. "I am not buying until after the strike is settled," I said to the young saleswoman. She said, "What strike?"


These corporations have been saying this crap for years how talent demands a lot of money. I have read a lot of these CEOs come from wealth in the first place, and/or have attended elite schools and universities where they made social/business connections. Their talent lies in their knowing how to kiss each other's you know what, and thereby being chosen to lead the world, as business leaders, into oblivion.


I am a Verizon customer and am watching this situation with great interest. I will not hesitate to switch carriers if Verizon can't come to terms with the reasonable demands of its workers. I hope that Verizon doesn't think that it too has finally become "Too big to fail". Without its employees, Verizon is nothing more than four walls, a ceiling and a bunch of electronic and communications devices. Oh, and I forgot to mention, a clueless, profit-driven board of directors and a CEO that makes a salary hundreds of times larger than the highly effective worker bees at the base of its organizational pyramid. Wake up Verizon, your slip is showing and your company's moral compass is starting to deviate from True North.


I wonder who the GOP supports during these strikes hmmmm....Maybe some reporters should ask them....So we can hear the cookie cutter rhetorical lies....Just for fun.