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'This Stuff Freaks Me Out': Rep. Rashida Tlaib Raises Alarm Over Use of Facial Recognition as Groups Demand Federal Moratorium

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/stuff-freaks-me-out-rep-rashida-tlaib-raises-alarm-over-use-facial-recognition

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Facial Recognition: Techno-Speak for “Papers Please”


techno-speak for ; stop complaining or youll end up in a FEMA camp


“The Fascists Are Coming. The Fascists Are Coming.”

Straight Speak For, “Stop Supporting The Fascists At The Voting Booth.”

And Don’t Be Confused About Who Are The Fascists.


Don’t worry. What could go wrong?


Yup - They’re here! Along with unwarranted wiretapping, (telecom universal monitoring), abduction & kidnapping without due process or even criminal charges, (Guantanamo Bay & 4 year old immigrant child detention camps), the largest prison population in world history, criminalizing journalism, and patriotism (Julian Assange / Chelsea Manning / Edward Snowden - when its exposing high treason, its not espionage, its patriotism / knowledge without doing so is called aiding and abetting), Massive electoral irregularities, (russian / Israeli election manipulations, disenfranchising minorities, rigged electric voting machines, census bureau manipulations, etc), diregard for checks and balances, (not giving tax information or other legal information despite supoena, not holding branches accountable for acts of high treason - like false premises for war, or failure to impeach in justice obstruction, etc. etc. etc… Its life after the collapse, and nobody even mourned the passing.


Soon to come: Universal background transponders which link facial recognition identification with:

  • Personal data
  • Books purchased or checked out
  • Voting habits
  • Work history
  • Family members and locations
  • Medical history
  • Disease propensity based on DNA testing
  • Travel history
  • Phone meta data
  • Financial records
  • Exercise habits
  • Eating habits
  • Screen time and sites visited
  • School records
  • Previous protest activity
  • Sexual partner history

And much much more. Fun for the whole family.

And the authorities. Local and federal overlords alike.


Well, someone has to say it…

It got that one correct, every time


Don’t forget Arrest Record.
And they’ll sell the combined info to anyone that wants it. Think of the possibilities. There will be an App for that.

Try to get a loan when the Bank has all of that


Facial recognition could be good if it wasn’t used by evil people.

Texas did away with red light cameras! Yay! I can’t believe they finally got something right!

Yep. And forget about being hired at a living wage or above, if at all.

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I think it is important that the resistance to facial recognition technology qualify their valid point about accuracy, by also pointing out that an entirely accurate system would nevertheless still constitute a major threat to individual freedom. One could argue a completely accurate system would be even more of a threat.

Wonder how many Corporate State Democrats are invested in these AI companies in San Jose and San Francisco paving the way for major loss of jobs through automation, and paving the way for enabling the autocrats and would be-dictators here and abroad.

Just wondering. Cluck.


I wonder whose face will get hacked the most into this program? Bezos, Trump, all of the GOT actors? How hard would it be for that to happen?
Besides, at least for women, with a different colored wig and hairstyle, or men with facial hair, how hard is it to look different? Go to any theatre department, and it’s not that hard.
Besides arresting the wrong people, what is the purpose of this------or is it just meant to terrify people–and then how can this be reconciled with the 4th amendment?

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Don’t forget executing American citizens w/o due process ( Alacki, his son, and daughter).

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The most immediate goal is to link automated drones to the facial recognition database and have them make “autonomous targeting decisions”.
Basically this will allow the 0.1% to overcome the numerical superiority of the populace once and for all.
It could in theory allow a single human to terrorize and control an entire country.

Only worse than that. When the technology makes mistakes, and it will make them, the
papers won’t matter.

This, among other things, will be a cross between a Frankenstein monster and a Trojan horse. This isn’t really about “security”, not for the citizenry anyway.


It may be harder than you think. Facial recognition might include points such as how far apart eyes are, shape of nose, shape of mouth, type of chin, ear shapes and so forth. Only a complete head mask might fool it.
Next will be machines that analyze your particular breath or shedding skin flakes DNA. Or scan your brain wave patterns.
Or an implanted ID chip at birth.
Or an implanted explosive device at the base of your skull, in case you misbehave.
‘Reality’ is stranger than science fiction.
Freaky is correct!


Hi PonyBoy:
But don’t a lot of the fascists OWN a lot of the electronic voting booths? : 0

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Hi Tarsus:
OMG, automated drones tied to facial recognition? Well, someone will make a fortune selling Trump, Pompeo and Bolton masks! ; )