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This Thanksgiving, Skip the Turkey


This Thanksgiving, Skip the Turkey

Sara Laycock

Why take part in animal abuse when you don't have to?


I’ve been a member of Mercy For Animals for awhile now, and encourage everyone to at least check them out. You don’t have to quit meat cold turkey (pardon the pun), but cutting back little by little is a good first step.

This is a MFA investigator’s story: I recommend watching this. It’s only 10 minutes. What Cody Saw


At my regional farm sanctuary, I saw a rescued tom turkey with a group of chickens and other birds, and asked why it wasn’t housed with other turkeys. The staff worker said the other male turkeys would fight it, and that it had been grown so unnaturally large for meat that it would injure female turkeys.

Another sad example of how our attempt to turn living, feeling creatures into commodities for our convenience has robbed them of any of the joys and freedoms of living - even during the truncated lives they are allowed to have.

No meal is worth that.



In addition to animal torture, the writer mentions health reasons to stop eating meat, but makes no mention of the massive contribution of industrial meat to atmospheric carbon and climate chaos. That is another, very strong, reason to stop eating industrial meat.


Veganism: good for us, good for the environment, good for the animals.


No surprise there’s very few comments; there is really nothing to debate here.


I have been a vegan for thirty five years, and yes I do some supplements ( like B 12). However, it has been proven that people who especially eat red meat tend to be more aggressive, and of course tend to have other health problems as well. Being an ethical vegan puts people in touch with their relationship to other sentient beings on the planet instead of trying to control them and use them as commodities and for profit. When people eat a vegan diet , they also save an acre of land per year. Watch the film Forks Over Knives as well and you will get just a glimpse of some of the other health hazards of eating meat. If someone who is vegan absolutely needs to eat a turkey substitute try tofu turkey or just eat vegetables , fruits, nuts and legumes which have more protein value as well. No need to debate here- just add a comment to show support!