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This Vanishing Moment and Our Vanishing Future

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/vanishing-moment-and-our-vanishing-future

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Read Hiroshima at the same time as the Cuban Missile Crisis, in a moment of synchronicity that Dr Jung would be amazed at.
Terrified me to the point of, well, madness. I still have nightmares about nuclear war; the Raygun years didn’t help that. It was re-triggered in early 2017 when Trump went mano-a-mano with Kim Jung Un.
As a species, we are truly insane, with an inborn death wish. We invent gods that demand blood sacrifices. We’re the only species that kills for pleasure. We kill each other with abandon while decrying abortion, crying crocodile tears over those darling unborn babies…
Trump would be the perfect ending for homo idiocrous Americanus, the sub-species that thinks it’s the most exceptional country ever. The ultimate reality show ending.
Gaia would survive. She would be battered, but asteroid hits and massive supervolcano eruptions ended up with new life evolving. Small life forms would adapt to radiation. Hell, cockroaches are immune to it. Imagine, cockroaches being the origin of the next big brained species!
The clock is ticking…can you hear it? If not nuclear war, then climate change, more pandemics, famines, resource wars…


I had a wonderful history teacher in high school—so we all read HIROSHIMA. It was horrifying to learn what our government did—and even worse what people suffered. At that time I thought, surely that we would never have another use of this-----but no, people like Trump would use it, and Bush with his Shock and Awe and bombing Baghdad in the morning destroyed a nation even without the bomb—but he certainly ruined the environment for the Iraqi citizens and for the visiting American soldiers who died of similar effects as the citizens of Iraq… Bush and Cheney escaped Vietnam----but got to play soldiers from afar----America is so often and evil empire. : (


I think all the people who want to go to war, by all means they should let them do it, … on a desert island, without any weapons just bare hands teeth and wits. let them all battle it out to the deaths, man to man. alone.

So all the world could live in peace and be rid of them.


Unfortunately, while there have been many noteworthy, powerful works on climate change, we’re still waiting for the one that packs the punch of “Hiroshima.” -from the article

perhaps the best book yet published was SIX DEGREES by mark lynas back in 2007. for me, it packed one hell of a punch, making it clear that we could be looking at human extinction, or damn near it, within this century. scientifically solid. but of course, relatively few read such serious nonfiction, and virtually no one does of those who most need to: conservatives, deniers. as i see it, the only literary work that might possibly reach that crowd would have to be written by god. too bad such an individual doesn’t exist! too bad we’re screwed!

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