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This Was as Grave an Attack on Our Democracy as the Russian Meddling


This Was as Grave an Attack on Our Democracy as the Russian Meddling

Charles P. Pierce

Matt Dunlap is the Secretary of State in Maine, which means he is a Democratic official working in the same state government as the country's worst governor, human bowling-jacket Paul LePage. He also was chosen to be one of four Democratic politicians on the president*'s blessedly forgotten commission on "voter fraud," the one that was chaired by Kansas Secretary of State and all-around grifting machine, Kris Kobach.


To defeat the Republicans and Conservative Democrats, the most effective thing liberals and progressives could probably do is to arm themselves. We are many, they are few, and they want to kill us… Easy as convincing libs to shun guns to protect ourselves.

Who needs all the money when you have the power?


Neolibs and Russian meddling won’t win an election. America invented regime change.


Daddy Koch always said capitalism and democracy can not co-exist. When the GOP SCOTUS put Bush in the White house the serious destruction began with Citizen’s United, gerrymandered House, voting rights destroyed and massive military/security power and money. Sheeple got the ax as the UN asserts with Third World conditions in the US in many places. The propaganda for the right has made massive inroads into supporting white supremacy and only news generated by the billionaire right-wing fascists. Trump is an example of how horrible a dictator can be especially connected to dictators around the world.


Who didn’t see this coming? The tell is " he’s a conservative ( and a Christian ) " , it read. The implications of that remark are numerous and have been well documented. The Christian Taliban in America is not hyperbole or a misnomer.
Sessions and Trump, Evangelical Right Wingers and Dominionists, Oiligarchies and AIPAC’S Sympathizers, the MIC and Wall Street: really, with friends and political bedfellows like this running the Federal Gov’t who needs enemies?


“One statistician was recommended by a commission member because she was sure “he is conservative (and Christian, too).””

You left out the biggest baddest Christian of all, VPOTUS, Mike Pence. You just know Pence made being Christian a requirement for serving on Kobach’s Voting Integrity Committee and for doing statistical research.


Wow, so many “Christians,”-----when are they going to throw those money changers out of the temple?


Pence backs the Bundy Ranch Bandito Boys and their attempt to takeover public lands. They’re all nuts. But, dangerous Christian nuts. Very scary for normal and law-abiding people.


They are insane and must be obstructed at every turn. Staying silent and respectful to fundamentalist Christians set Americans up for being trampled by Theocrats. George W. Bush got the ball rolling.
Questioning evolution was a joke before W. Now Creationism is the opposition side of the debate against scientific proof and demands a place at the table in a secular government.


“This was as grave an attack on our democracy as the Russian meddling”.
I would say much, much worse.


The only thing missing from the picture is the bulletproof wall separating Pence and Kobach from the courtroom in which they are being tried for treason against the United States.


“human bowling jacket”

Good one! Thanks.


Pierce sez: “We’d have been better off handing the whole thing over to the deer commission.”

Well, we’d at least have had a chance at some headlights shined onto its ‘work’.


We are very lucky, here in Maine, to have not only the great Matt Dunlop as Secretary of State, but also Attorney General Janet Mills, who is running to start repairing the collapsed bridge/train wreck that is the legacy of that demented clown who purports to be our current governator. Maine political figures have often shone bright in the spotlight of national politics. (Margaret Chase Smith comes to mind) Unfortunately our Republican Senator Susan Collins is not among the greats.


Grave threat to democracy? Sure, but the Democratic Party doesn’t care about this. (They didn’t care in the 2000 stolen election either - Gore - who also won the popular vote - could have fought it but didn’t.) Kobach, Interstate Crosscheck (see Greg Palast) and other right wing voter suppression strategies likely did give Trump the presidency (we can’t forget the major assist the DNC gave them by fielding a very unpopular candidate in HRC and doing their own suppression by torpedoing Bernie Sander’s campaign.)

Billions were spent on the 2016 election by US actors, a $100,000 by a troll farm in Russia couldn’t have possibly made any serious impact. That’s the messed up part of this article.

For a reality check see Paul Street:


Paul Street:
"Top 10 Big National Lies (from the article linked above):

  1. We live in a democracy. This core myth cries out for demolition with special urgency at present
    thanks to constant media and political class repetition of the claim that Russia “undermined our democracy” during the 2016 presidential election. I have written at length against this claim so many times that it has become difficult to do so again without excessive self-repetition. … I have carefully explained why the U.S. is a corporate and imperial plutocracy and even an oligarchy, not a democracy…"


The point is, he’s not a Christian.

None of them are.

They’re all Judases at best.


This is a fundamental truth that all should understand but many refuse to.


I agree with Tom Larson and wonder why the many Republican election fraud schemes like Interstate Crosscheck which have been going on underreported for years, are not getting more exposure on Common Dreams, particularly in an article about Kobach, about whom people like Greg Palast have already done exhaustive and incriminating investigative reporting. And not that the Democrats are innocent in this regard, as we should have noticed in the 2016 primaries…


After reading the headline, “This Was as Grave an Attack on Our Democracy as the Russian Meddling,” I was disappointed that the content was limited to the BS self-fulfilling ‘commission’.

I wish every piece mentioning “Russian meddling” would include at least a boilerplate paragraph acknowledging the vastly greater attack on democracy: GOP extreme gerrymandering (a la Redmap) plus all-too-successful voter suppression via list purging, voter ID and other dirty tricks.

Compared to the GOP’s frontal assault, “Russia” is just a distraction — but dangerous precisely because it distracts public attention from the main event.


Ira, it’s not just the GOP’s frontal assault. The corporate media has chosen candidate for decades. It minimizes and ostracizes viable candidates like Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, and Ron Paul because they’re not establishment war mongers. Kucinich was the best candidate in '04. A true game changer with a Masters in communication, with vast knowledge about the world. But the corporate media minimized him by minimizing his physical stature as well as capitalizing on his “seeing a UFO” as if he didn’t say it was probably something from a local air force base, but “unidentified.” The corporate media had their guy already slated in the form of a charismatic, “Constitutional Scholar,” lying sack of shit who promised “hope and change.” Can’t believe I will actually quote Sarah Palin with, “How’s that hopey changey thing working out for ya?!”
The fact is, our elections are NOT elections. They’re corporate media circuses created to convince the Amerikan Sheeple that their “democracy” is in fine working order. (Actually we’re a democratic republic, but that’s much too complicated info for the average Amerikan to wrap their teeny brains around.)