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'This Was Murder,' Says Judge, Sentencing Ex-Blackwater Guard to Life for Nisour Square Massacre

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/was-murder-says-judge-sentencing-ex-blackwater-guard-life-nisour-square-massacre

A pardon coming from the POS-in-chief?


Would be no surprise but at least we have some people in our government who want to see justice and want other countries to know that not all americans support the murder, rape and pillage of foreigners.


I don’t know what Blackwater’s status is with the U.S., but there shouldn’t be one.


Can we at least chelsea go now?
Why is she even in prison?


He got off easy.

Because Chelsea disclosed the truth and embarrassed the military in a time of universal government deceit!


Why do we warehouse those who murder fellow human beings, for life, who deserve the same fate of their victims?

A cell, 6 feet under the ground, seems a just sentence.

Taking another human being’s right to live and breathe and grow old away from them, demands equal action.

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Yes, this was murder, and the prime-mover founder of the mercenary army, Blackwater, Erik Prince, is back in Iraq after being banned for the murders of civilians, and working for China or Chinese interests.

Because he is linked to the trump regime thru his sister Betsy DeVoss, there seems to be something very rotten in connections to the trump regime, prince personally, his death-dealing companies, and military/mercenary activities.

I suppose none of this is of any interest to the trump/barr “Justice” Department .


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The Blackwater mercenary army and the American military are all guilty of war crimes. Our wars are pre-emptive, offensive wars. We invade, occupy and wreak havoc in small foreign countries that never threatened us.
Anyone who volunteers for the American military is complicit.
Chelsea Manning exposed American soldier war criminals.
The war criminals got medals. Manning and Assage are in prison, and will probably meet the same fate as Epstein.
Blackwater founder and brother of Trump’s Secretary of Ruining Education should be on trial in The Hague.


Yes sir,

The U.S. government simply must do away with the name of the Department of Defense and the Secretary of Defense.

The new name must be changed to the Department of Offense and the title changed to the Secretary of Offense.

Sounds pretty offensive, doesn’t it?

The government has made it so.


the orange haired errand boy will be quick to pardon

What are all military trained to do? KILL. Therefore they are nothing more than hired killers in today’s world


Until Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the other co-conspirators of the Iraq War are held responsible accusing this guy just doesn’t seem like justice.

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I hear you, PonyBoy.
They could also rename it “Department of Imperial Wars” or something similar.
But remember, all our volunteer soldiers are “heroes protecting our freedoms,” lol.

“…protecting our freedoms…”

Well David, they present us with an awful expensive way to do that.

Perhaps we should get 2 or 3 bids for that service.

You and I are pinching pennies, why not the military?