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'This Will Cause Irreparable Harm': Horror as Trump Unveils Rule to Allow Indefinite Detention of Migrant Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/will-cause-irreparable-harm-horror-trump-unveils-rule-allow-indefinite-detention

" The new rule, announced Wednesday morning by Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, would terminate a 1997 court ruling known as the Flores settlement agreement. Flores bars the federal government from detaining immigrant children for more than 20 days."

I think this can be traced directly to Obama - President obama issues executive order institutionalizing indefinite detention Barack Obama has added to the law John Yoo’s “Unitary Executive theory,” which puts an end to the principles of the separation of powers as defined by Montesquieu. The security policy of the United States President now escapes all control.

Is this trump “policy” not kidnapping and child abuse? Is it not a crime against humanity to treat vulnerable people seeking refugee status so?

Terminate a court ruling/agreement??!! WTF is going on in this world? Is this regime the second-coming of the fuckin nazis?

This regime from hell has unilaterally terminated, abrogated, pulled-out of, and rolled-back so goddamn much its a wonder there is even a Constitution and Bill of Rights to go along with the “termination” of Habeas Corpus- even tho those are “just goddamn pieces of paper”. This is way over the freakin top people!


“Well they can stay in their own countries and be murdered, so I think this works out very well for them”

Barbara Bush


Um…you can’t just terminate a legal settlement on a presidential or bureaucratic whim. The attorneys who crafted the Flores settlement will challenge this in court and will win.

The ruling will affect all undocumented immigration not just the Southern border. It doesn’t preclude that legal immigration could be mitigated to be more inclusive.

Another development maybe the legalization of some drugs south of the border which could turn immigration on its head. Imagine thousands of North Americans as undocumented Mexican citizens.

And so it goes… (apologies to Vonnegut and Billy Pilgrim)

this is exactly the trajectory that ultimately lead to the decision of a certain political leadership for a “Final Solution” on that scenic patio of the Berghoff Estate in the mountains of Berchtesgadten…


Folks leave their economically and drug gang destroyed by America countries and come to the land that has benefitted most from their nations demise and they lawfully seek legal asylum. They are then arrested, refused legal counsel, detained illegally and in horrendous conditions, separated from their children, some of which are put up for adoption or foster care and molested and now they will be detained without due process indefinitely. JHFC what is the problem with conservatives? These criminals running America are the ones who need to be locked up. If these immigrants or their citizen children voted republican they would be invited by the millions.

This is why there is a 60 day public commit period. Any way from what I’ve read it is not indefinite detention at all. I haven’t read the entire proposal but “conditions” have been called into question so I hope there is some improvement. Anyone know?

but we mustn’t call them concentration camps… it offends the sensibilities of nazis…

While this is very disturbing and disgusting what is more appalling is the fact that there is so little push back from those running for office. They all seem to be skirting the issue of how insane our country has become. We get a short little comment for here and there but no real loud vocal condemnation of the crimes against humanity. Where is biden, sanders, warren? Why are they not screaming at the tops of their collective lungs about this disgraceful administration? Yes, it is raining plastic’s and it is in our bloodstreams but have we become so addled we can’t come to grips with our collapse?


As we move forward it comes to me that john yoo should be tried for subversion. I’m sure barr will jump at the chance, right? I am having trouble capitalizing names for some reason mmmmmm wonder why.
Keep at it Emphyrio, you are doing great work with a clear mind, thanks.

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But Fern, comment periods have no standing, they are an ignored exercise just like petitions. Yes, we can petition our grievances but they means naught.


Isn’t indefinite detention the same as kidnapping? Last I heard kidnapping is illegal.
We need an independent watch dog for these immigrants and refugees, not governmental abuses.


True, comments are not binding but they carry the same weight that comments regarding this issue calling for reform have. This is a direct result of previous litigation, policy, and protest of the current ruling, so you have to look at both. How this changes what happens. It is not all bad. Families stay together until their status is determined, that can be a very short time or not. Once there is a legal determination, it goes HHS which is not legal detention. ( unless there are other legal issues pending) This is definitely a becareful what you wish for moment.

Only if the ‘you’ in your comment refers to right wing xenophobes and racists.

Progressive activists have campaigned for a just asylum and immigration policies, economic support for communities in Central America, and for families to be kept together and released to live in the US until their cases can be fairly assessed.

The Flores agreement set a limit on the detention of migrant children. The Trump administration is ending this . Below is the statement from DHS. Can you identify any guarantee of a time limit to detention?

One could claim that climate change isn’t all that bad cause it will make it easier for ships to travel through the Arctic.

Did you watch the DHS piece? It adds to the fear, false sense of siege, and anti-immigrant hostilities.

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Dude you absolutely need to visit McCallister. Then, after you’re done puking and crying, come back and post that s**t again.

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Based on what you posted and without reading the entire legislation that sounds like many of the concerns have been met. Compared to other vulnerable populations, exceeded. My concern is how this is directed as a federal program (when other similar programs have federal, state, and local requirements) That is a question that should be explained. Generally when there is any conflict the federal ruling is used, but there are also problems with it so I don’t know. This doesn’t just affect the Southern border it is a nationwide change for this reason requires a broader analysis.

There are time stipulations but I’m not sure of the exact criteria. If this does pass legal challenges, then, you will have a better picture. Yes, there are some positives for immigrants. You can take a win on that.

I think it dispels some of the ignorance of what is actually being done. Information is key to understand how this will affect everyone.

I’m not a dude. Sorry if I offended you.

We melt children in countries we want to enter to steal oil from 30,000 feet so it’s difficult to find the moral foundation to judge poor immigrants seeking citizenship fleeing nations terrorized by assassins we trained at Fort Bragg. American conservatives have an ordained, divined, manifest destiny to kill anyone in any country without asking to enter their nation and we do it every day. We terrorize and water board and take power drills to the heads of men our Pentagon terrorizes. We fund mercenaries so finding the moral expertise of the Trumpsters to nourish children is a stretch.
There will two principal candidates on the presidential ballot next November. Vote for the one who is not named Donald Trump and it will be a baby step back to sanity. Vote for men who are not afraid of brown babies, men who don’t need to carry a gun. Do not reelect Frankenstein. Trump is wandering through the village just burning it down. Make it stop.

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Oh Ditton, we are living in a dystopian novel, and I suppose the next big Trump thing with the dead immigrant kids will be selling their body parts. : (