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This Wondrous National Park... Brought to You By McDonald's?


This Wondrous National Park... Brought to You By McDonald's?

Jon Queally, staff writer

A controversial set of new rules quietly given final approval over the recent holiday—allowing national parks in the United States to expand corporate sponsorships and commercial contracts with private companies—is being called a "disgrace" by those who say the move is a betrayal of what the nation's parks should be.


This is pathetic. The national parks should be supported by a fair tax system where the 1% pays their fair share. The billionaires shouldn't be allowed to exist, in my opinion, in a world where so many have nothing. Societies have got to find a way to even out extreme inequality and the tax system is probably the only way other than a violent revolution.


These type of proposals have been beaten back several times in my lifetime. For example, Disney proposed a big development in Sequoia National Park bak in the 60's. I sure hope that wiser heads prevail again.


This countries leadership just gets more disgusting every day.


This is a great idea that should also extend to the military.

New ships can have names like USS Walmart. An invasion might be named Operation Windex. How about changing Camp Pendleton to Camp Exon?


I certainly hope so also, but as long as people take their kids to Disney as if it's a natural wonder- this is what will happen. People can be stupid.


I love this- really gets down and dirty.


Maybe they should all be assigned to the next Mars exploration without proper preparation.




If anything like that was started, we'd tear it down.


That's because they can't be made to think of themselves as whores. They think it's "just being realistic". This is another symptom of the precipitous decline of our country. I'm 68 and I barely recognize the country I grew up in anymore.


This is a hoodwiking. The Republican House quietly passed yesterday land transfer rules of federal property ( land ) back to the states. They can do this without showing the cost to taxpayers who've paid for the lands, through their taxes, for decades. Zeroing out is easy when there's no accounting for anything. Our park systems have been compromised enough already. They're not getaways, they're resembling KOAs, more and more.
Whatever support there was for Trump on this website, siting the ACA, Fracking, Libya, Syria, etc.; you're slip is not only showing it is up around your neck, so to speak. Enjoy the financialization of everything sacred in this country. Oh, that's right, nothing is sacred except making money.


This kind of thing was explored in the film "Idiocracy" which supposedly takes place 500 years from now. Oh no. It is coming MUCH sooner.
BTW, when I made my initial impressions of this movie I called it a "pre-documentary" and that was long before the Orange Anus was "elected" president.
"Drink Brawndo. It's got electrolytes!"


This is easy to fix. Simply tear down, or if it can't be torn down deface, any such corporate logos, signs, or the like found within the borders of a national park.


greedy sycophant corporations are sucking the life blood from the public coffers worldwide. Heard Vatican rented out a building behind Vatican to McDonald where the Arch will appear. First one in Italy and next Starbucks.

we the public need to say enough is enough but we keep trusting the wrong people because many peoples jobs depend on them. Money has corrupted every aspect of our government and now ruled by them.


I worry the most about what the children are learning about the world. They aren't old enough to know that there once were parts of the earth and things to do that didn't cost money and weren't corporate owned and controlled. We who have been around know the ever-shrinking space and resent it. This may all look natural to the children who may then be ready to allow whatever's left to fall into the black hole of corporatism.
Add to that, their games no longer prepare them for the real world with all its randomness and the expanding use of virtual reality. Later generations, should the climatic changed allow, will have no awareness of the real, much less, natural, world. And if we are at risk for not surviving as a species, then they will be even less equipped than we are to stop this current trajectory of annihilation.
So yes, it is vital to try to hold on to the limited areas that remain to us in hopes that we can end this age of corporations/capitalism before it ends all of us.


I'm 64 and barely recognize the country I grew up in too. The decline is going to end badly for the world, I fear.


As a huge hiker and backpacker who keeps up with stuff like this, this is an update to an existing policy. Donors are not allowed to put their names on permanent signage, plaques, monuments, natural features, historic buildings, etc. Basically, their names can be added to pamphlets like individual donors (typically small type on the back) and temporary signage. The NPS was forced to do so by Congress via a rider in the defense bill a couple years ago.

I am opposed to stuff like this, but it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be either. My Congressman, Tom McClintock, was proposing far worse and he's got Yosemite in his district. That said, I'll be pretty upset if I see a sign sponsored by McDonalds the next time I cross Red Peak Pass or head up Cloud's Rest.


Sadly, the reason this is happening is because of a rider in the defense bill a few years ago. NPS doesn't have a choice since its law. That said, as I note in a comment above, it isn't as terrible as it could be. Who knows with Trump though.


Absolutely! Next thing you know SWAT teams will be stationed in visitor centers eyeing surveillance video so they can kill anyone defacing the fucking corporate shrine.

Will have to add black spray paint to my packing list for my next trip to Yosemite.