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This World Water Day, a Recovery Plan Is More Important Than Ever


This World Water Day, a Recovery Plan Is More Important Than Ever

Maude Barlow

Twenty-two years ago, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 to be World Water Day. In a world is facing a severe and growing water crisis without a roadmap, this day is more important than ever.


i’ve written it here before so forgive me, but Maude Barlow is a global treasure. The breadth and depth of her recognition of the overall crisis of ecology and democracy that we face, and her fearless forthright writing and speaking directly to this crisis, is inspirational. Blessings to Maude Barlow!


Will any real measures be taken? … It’s like the climate talks… how many years have we been doing this and nothing… It will be very telling, what our fate will be, after the next big climate conference… I am waiting with bated breath to find out ALL THE PROGRESS AND REAL MEASURE we will put in place…Ha…guess I am not that optimistic…I will keep trying myself… but a comprehensive, working plan for the world to use… well…


The Future:
Utility grids will integrate decentralized rooftop/neighborhood solar arrays ‘matched’ to EV storage battery packs; widest coverage only possible with plug-in hybrid ‘small pack’ 5kwh components, low-pressure hydrogen hybrid drivetrains and bio-fuels.
170 Ford Fusion PHEVs
34 Nissan Leafs
1 Tesla coupe/slave to freeways


Plug-in hybrid EV tech has greater potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption than do all-electric EVs like the Tesla and Nissan Leaf.

Though PHEVs offer only a 10-20 mile range on electricity alone, this is an economic incentive for shorter drives, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby walking, bicycling and mass transit may become more viable modes of travel, incidentally supporting the growth of local economies necessary when the day inevitably arrives where fuel/energy sources become scarce and global trade, exotic air travel and ridiculous cross-county commuting abruptly end.

Plug-in hybrid tech is the better match to rooftop photovoltiac solar power and more complementary to regional utility grids. Their small battery packs (5kwh), compared to a Tesla battery pack (85kwh), are consequently fitted to smaller, less expensive rooftop solar arrays. When a plug-in hybrid battery pack reaches its useful lifespan in the car, their use can be extended as stationary power supply for low-power household uses. Households with such a PHEV + PV tech gain the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption overall, the choice to use electricity for both household and driving.

The PHEVs will cost less and last years longer.
Top TV advertizer: Car ads, car insurance, car fixes,
who’d all rather your money be spent on cars instead of water.