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This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy


This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a move that watchdogs say presents a "glaring example of how trade agreements can undermine public interest policies," the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled on Monday that the U.S. can be forced to pay $1 billion annually by NAFTA partners for its establishment of food safety laws.


Another good reason to become a vegetarian. Nod to zenpractice.


The end game is a global corporate state......
This will not end well......


WTO AND NAFTA are both Clinton babies that continue to pay the Clintons eight figure annual dividends.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Boycott any meat that doesn't have a country of origin label.
Just don't buy any. Sink all their sales. See if that costs them more than adding a country of origin label. I bet they'd rather have some profit rather than no sales. Be sure to write your representative to explain to them what you are doing.


forgot the snark tag.


The "free market" does not exist. It's a economist's delusion, a conservative (R or D) obfuscation, politically jingoism.

Markets are regulated. Trade agreements just give corporations supremacy over government legislative powers.

"Free Trade" is a relic of the failed economic policies of Reagan and Thatcher.


Those silly restrictions about lead in paint and asbestos insulation are costing me money.

Where do I go to cash in?


uh NAFTA covers a lot of different things, including wood products and wheat etc. I hate NAFTA (Im Cdn) but no matter how you live--veggie or not -- you will be affected.


Too damn bad that the WTO was not shut down for good in the battle in Seattle in 99!


Yes... that is the plan... they will do it ... no matter what it takes.


Yeah, wish I 'd known better back then... but, my knowledge now is a product of the internet... not that I didn't read then... I've always read, but didn't know WHAT to read...


All hail the net profits,


"Donald Trumps Democracy."


Surely, along with ExxonMobil, ad nauseum.
The corp's are too big to fail, and too big to be prosecuted.
I call 'em "America's Asteroids."


Do a favor to your health, the land, water, and air, and reduce greenhouse gases and stop or cut way down on eating meat. If you eat meat, buy it from local farms that practice sustainable and humane methods of livestock raising and avoid imported meat where now you will have no way of knowing where it came from or how the animals were raised, slaughtered, and processed.


The problem here is, our companies already sue other countries companies in the same way. This is NAFTA and under TPP it will be NAFTA on crack. What's good for the goose is good for the gander I think the saying goes. The citizens in these countries don't like it either.


Uh, my comment was concerning the issue discussed in the article regarding the ruling against country of origin labeling of meat. I made no assertion whatsoever that NAFTA only covers meat products, so I don't get your rhetorical tack.