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This Year’s Hottest Toy: Iraq-Syria LEGO Playset


This Year’s Hottest Toy: Iraq-Syria LEGO Playset

Peter Van Buren

Every Christmas sees one toy emerge as the most-wanted, gotta have gift — remember Tickle Me Elmo, and Beanie Babies from years past? Well, 2015’s big hit has emerged: The Iraq-Syria LEGO Playset.


"And parents, please note: Even after careful construction with the best of intention, the playset tends to simply fall apart."

Don't forget that component pieces pose a choking hazard for anyone with a conscience.


Yes, Thank you, Peter Van Buren, for this mock ad that stings but tells a truth about our Mideast foreign policy, especially of late: It is murderous, insane, and those of us with a conscience and common sense lament its effects on our world.

All the lives lost...all the funds that could have gone to good ends. .. for what?
We can hope that the next year might bring us some light, some metanoia, and change.


Well said Kathryn, hopefully our greedy, self serving politicians can be overthrown and we can bring peace and stability back to those we have committed this most heinous crime against.


Yes but there is a toy mole in this game, what say you, people, of a general or two working cleverly behind the scenes aiding enemy #1.: This is sure to ruffle Hillary's well laid plans about doing two things at once. This is a classic do the ends justify the means? Is this a Truman-MacArthur moment?



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It will be interesting to see how far Van Buren goes, as he continues to explore analysis and reporting beyond his initial "i was a US functionary who helped lose the stupid Iraq war" theme.


Flower Power! Hey, is that a pink-and-black coffin in the background too? Oops no, that's the bed...


Excuse me, Mr. Van Buren, but this really is a disgustingly cynical article. Well... I must also acknowledge that the folks who are selling this "game" are also disgustingly cynical. Merry Christmas!


And now for something completely different: A clever—and yet tasteful—article about such a controversial topic.


"Americans inhabit a society run by a financial elite that refuses to recognize that war is a descent into madness and the scope and breadth of the violence it produces infects our language, values, social relations, and democracy itself"

Even unto the toys our kids are sold and the hate and violence they perpetrate.