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This Year’s Poverty Data Look a Lot Different When You Break Them Down by Race


This Year’s Poverty Data Look a Lot Different When You Break Them Down by Race

Valerie Wilson, Janelle Jones

Yesterday’s Census release of data on income, poverty, and health insurance demonstrated two things: There are policies that work for people who are struggling, and there is still a lot of work left to do—especially for people of color in America.


On a technical note, the only reason Black and Hispanic USAn’s income increased by the greatest percentage is because their denominator (income) is far lower. As the depressing graph shows, there is no indication at all that historically discriminated minorities in the USA are catching up toward any semblance of parity.


While the Census releases new data every September, it is notable that the solutions remain the same every year: People need investments in quality training and good jobs in their communities; they need a safety net that protects our basic living standards for food, housing, health care, retirement (Social Security); they need access to good schools and higher education; they need child care that doesn’t cost more than a year of college tuition; and they need a minimum wage that isn’t a poverty wage.

No mention of segregated housing mandated by the Federal govt post-WW2, doubtless the single largest obstacle to the accumulation of wealth and opportunity by black families.


And if they used the old method from 2013 income would have dropped. I always hear about the gap for women but not the gap for minorities. All these numbers are suspect—rent and food costs have shot up yet inflation numbers stay low(this might have something to do with the value of the dollar,but if your wages don’t go up ,but food and rent do go up this is major inflation.)The same with the unemployment number—if unemployment was as low as they say wages would be going up.-----And just look at the housing market-talk about screwed up-in some places home prices are on fire—yet there is little building going on-----and again people are getting mortgages with little down.


Blockchain elections will eliminate the middlemen, bring direct economic democracy and eliminate poverty.