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#ThisIsACoup: Global Anger Erupts Over Germany's Harsh Austerity


#ThisIsACoup: Global Anger Erupts Over Germany's Harsh Austerity

- Common Dreams staff

A list of draconian new austerity demands handed to the Greek government in Brussels Sunday ignited a global backlash against Germany, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble.

#ThisIsACoup became the top trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide - and is #1 in Germany and Greece.

The tag was attached to tens of thousands of angry comments denouncing Germany's aggressive demands that Athens pass new severe austerity laws within days to raise taxes, privatize public assets and cut back on pensions.


Perhaps Merkel & Co. have finally ignited a fire that will become their own auto-da-fe! Hopefully with a lot of banksters atop the same pile of burning faggots.

  • It would be a start!


thanks so much for posting this, tom.


Russia Readies Fuel Deliveries To Athens, Will Support Greek “Economic Revival”

Russia is considering direct deliveries of fuel to Greece to help prop up its economy, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Sunday, quoted by Russian news agencies.

“Russia intends to support the revival of Greece’s economy by broadening cooperation in the energy sector,” Novak told journalists, quoted by RIA Novosti news agency.

“Accordingly we are studying the possibility of organising direct deliveries of energy resources to Greece, starting shortly.”

Russia … America’s #1 security threat … just picking up the pieces …


Could the German-led ridiculous, arrogant harshness be pushing growing resistance in countries like Spain, Portugal, and Ireland rather than quashing it?


What they want to create is a wage structure that can “compete” with China, Vietnam and India all within the borders of the EU.

This is so the Corporations can run their factories locally rather then set up branch plants in low wage countries. In order to keep the labor force compliant they will be burdened with debt via low interest rate loans issued by the banking system. Greeks will be all but forced to take out these personal loans in order to keep a roof over thier heads and food in their bellies. The risk of going on strike or making demands for higher pensions will than carry with it the threat of job loss and , just as in the USA, personal bankruptcy laws will be rewritten to ensure the Greek worker can never get out from under all that debt.

What the German banks are saying in essence is this. “Here is a slave collar. We want you to put it around your own necks so you can not later claim we forced you into slavery”.

Now from the perspective of the banking Cabal this is a win win even if The Greeks refuse… If the Greeks refuse this offer and are forced out of the EU the bankers will seek to isolate the country. Foreign powers will intervene such as they did in the Ukraine to destabilize the Country. Greece would then descend into chaos and will be used as an example to the other member states such as Portugal and Spain as to what awaits them if they refuse the bankers dictates.


Oh, I hope so!


Maybe they’re just destroying the village in order to save it. Entropy may indeed be the plan, the rest is kabuki? As Jeb Bush says, " everyone must work harder ".


This evil has at its root the concept of PRIVATE property.


Or as you succinctly frame it below: Evil.


It conquest by a means other then military power.


The lesson is simple. Capitalism cannot be reformed, it can only be destroyed and replaced.

We have heard a lot in the last decade about the wonderful European social democracy. But the problem with that social democracy is that capitalists still own the corporations and their profits. And they will use their money, every time, to buy more government to give them more money and more inequality, which will then be used to buy still more government. An ever ascending spiral which only stops when the system is destroyed.

In the US, New Deal “reforms” were destroyed, beginning with the Taft-Hartley law and rolling through Reagan. In Europe, the Euro was designed to cut wages, benefits and unions. See Greg Palast write about “Robert Mundell, evil genius of the euro.” Mundell was an American supply sider & Reaganite.

We can only build up our solidarity so that, eventually, all companies will be run by worker and community co-ops. Any lesser “reforms” are always temporary.


Psychopaths always take a step too far at some point and reveal their true nature as vicious, uncaring predators. This new “proposal” looks like that step.


The appropriate article title over the last week should be: “After a 60% NO vote by the Greek people, Greece cries uncle and submits to foreign bankers”. The referendum was Tsipras’s ticket to use against the banks; submitting after the vote is now going to bite him and his government in the ass.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Things take time to swell, and the Greeks are few and a poor, desperate people. Capitalism can’t go on forever, as you can’t have in on a finite planet. I hope there is no violence in light of this submission, but a desperate people can only be pushed so far until they break. Interesting, the Pope in S. America just the other day spoke out against global capitalism and how it uses up human lives for profit. This is another example of where profit destroys people.


it’s just a live update for twitter feeds. it’s the latest “thing”.


well, I’m embarrassed to say I got this wrong. I thought it was one more ploy to try to set up perhaps another referendum to support an exit. It appears that everything Syriza has done was to avoid getting kicked out–at all costs. I think if they’d known from the beginning that this was Germany’s evil little plan, they would’ve been better served by not running for office at all and further eroding the credibility of an insurgent Left.

At this point, if Tsipras cares at all about the long run future of both Greece and leftist politics, he probably should resign.

I do think they tried to find a way out…and were using the last few months to do so. But it just couldn’t be found.

Ths is heartbreaking, it really is. Greece is pretty much finished as a sovereign nation state now.

Edit: I decided I wanted to add that this fight wasn’t for nothing, though. Little Greece managed to completely rip of the mask of Europe’s true power source for the first time sine the formation of the EU. Virtually every ordinary citizen now understands who really runs their lives and how much ill they mean to do them. Germany was dealt a fairly severe blow to its own reputation, as well.


The problem with a “bloody revolution” is that there is a strong enough right within Greece, neofascists who hate the left and who’d probably be willing to restart the civil war of the 1940s, plus NATO would be quick to intervene on humanitarian grounds, not to mention that the Greek armed forces probably contain putschist leaders too. The left wouldn’t stand a chance.


" They worked for firms to smash up labor."
That is the reason they found a away to get rid of Kahn. He was a socialist and would not go long with implementing the harsh anti- labor policies…They knew of course of his participating in sex parties and other sexual indiscretions. It was not an issue with them before he started to disagree strongly with policies they wanted implement.

I mean even the Obama administration is telling them they need to back off.


As Jeb Bush says, " everyone must work harder ".

That comes from a guy that inherited his wealth!