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Those Who Failed to Recognize Trump as 'Greater Evil' Made a 'Bad Mistake': Chomsky


Those Who Failed to Recognize Trump as 'Greater Evil' Made a 'Bad Mistake': Chomsky

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Leftist scholar Noam Chomsky has a message for voters who refused to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton to prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House: You made a "bad mistake."

On both moral and practical levels, Chomsky told Al Jazeera's Medhi Hasan, the choice was clear.


How sad that even a great mind in leftist thinking is in denial about the issue of war with Russia.

That is the greatest evil. Clinton clearly wanted war with Russia. Trump acted like he didn't.

With Clinton we faced war in 2017, I have no doubt. With Trump it's unclear. The machine around him wants it. He said he didn't. That makes him the lesser evil.

If I believed in lesser evil voting I would have voted for Trump. But I don't. I won't vote for evil at all.

Over and over again I am exposed to people who claim to be on the left on issues (I'm not talking about Chomsky now) but either don't care or are just ignorant about the effects of Clinton's warmongering and what she would have done. I don't understand it.

I fear it's tribalism, it's 'us vs. them.'

I don't get the current attack on those who supported Trump because, "Even if they didn't support him because he's racist- he is still racist and they put a racist in power, how could they do that?"

Yet they can't see the same logic applies to them: "Even if they didn't support her becauses he's a warmonger who wants war with Russia- she is still a warmonger who wants war with Russia and they would have put a warmonger who wants war with Russia in power, how could they do that?"

I only felt relief that Clinton lost. Any despair about Trump winning I worked through a long time ago when it was clear we only had a choice between two horrid evils.

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For some of us, the choice was between nuclear war with Russia and global warming.


How many times did we hear Trump could beat Clinton throughout that seemingly endless "election cycle"? Countless times. It was clear from the start that Bernie Sanders was the candidate who could defeat Trump.

Did that impact the pathological orchestrations of the DNC and HRC for the good of the country to avoid a Donald Trump victory?

No. Quite the opposite in fact (see wiki leaks documents)

Who helped propel Trump to become main contender against Clinton?
Those that did not vote for HRC? I think not.

It was: the DNC, HRC and oligarchic MSM that aided and abetted a Trump victory.

Is this interview an example of critical thinking Noam?

This is simplistic triangulating blame on those that chose not to vote for HRC. And tell me Noam . . . . what purpose does this serve at this juncture?


And that should also include the functionaries at the DNC that failed to grasp the popular mood, which was fairly obvious to anyone not having blinders. Make no mistake, Bernie would have cleaned Dump's clock.


As near as I can tell only the people who believed Fake News thought that HRC "wanted" war with Russia. Many of us didn't buy into that particular canard.


The people who are lied to by the Dimocrats are the same people who are lied to by the Republiscums. The 1%ers don't suffer under Neo-Liberals or Christian;-) Crypto-Fascists. They just reshuffle their investment portfolios and go on vacation. Chomsky has not addressed this because he's not aware of this phenomenon, apparently.:wink:


She repeatedly said she wanted a "no fly zone" in Syria, which would effectively put the U.S. at war with Russia since it would give the U.S. forces there permission to shoot down any planes, including Russian planes.


I don't think Noam has been thinking straight. Our responsibility as Citizens is to vote for our actual values and hopes, and not for the gutless Manichaean schemes of electoral capitulation that Chomsky seems to prefer....


I just don't agree that it would be better if we had voted for HRC. I voted for Jill Stein and am still proud of voting my conscience. These so called liberal democrats have run things for 30 years or more and look where we are now. Not Trumps fault, though he is a mess there is no doubt.
The Neoliberals are not liberal, nor are they democratic. Hill rigged the primary for God's sake and we're supposed to overlook that and her warmongering ways and vote for her anyway. I am through with lesser evilism, it's been going on too long and has perpetuated right wing dems who's policies are not that much different than republicans.
We are the victims of this game they play, don't blame us for quitting the game. The dems caused Trump's election and I refuse to be blamed for what they did in their hubris. They decided they would rather have Trump win than Bernie. They made their choice. I didn't.


Is Chomsky pretending to know whether or not Trump favors a Saudi pipeline through Syria vs Russian supply of gas to Europe? We know that Clinton backs the Saudi plan, and the death and destruction across that country is the result.


She also said that a no-fly zone would be instituted with Russia, not unilaterally.


What a terrible election cycle it has been. The terrible candidates and outcome are bad enough but there have been several people who I thought I respected that revealed that they aren't as critical thinking as I thought by buying into such memes like "lesser evilism". Chomsky unfortunately is one of them.


Non sense, she proclaimed she wanted a no fly zone in Syria. That would have put us in direct conflict with Russia. You're buying that shit about Russia and the fake news that the WAPO is putting out. Bet you believe Russia hacked the DNC too, but there's not proof of that either.


She certainly didn't say anything about working with Russia. Throughout her campaign she repeatedly vilified Russia. That is not a recipe to suddenly make a cooperative deal with them. It is a recipe that would have led to a declaration of war.


Voters who voted for Trump made a bad mistake. Dems who voted for and nominated Clinton in the primaries made a bad mistake. (I used to say that Clinton was the luckiest woman in America to have Trump as an opponent. I see now that Trump is the luckiest man in America to have had Clinton as an opponent.)

I voted for Jill Stein, the candidate who most represented my positions, beliefs, and values. I would have made a bad mistake to have voted any other way.


As I recall, she talked about it in the third debate.


Same here. Which makes all the more frustrating that third party supporters are the first to be vilified and blamed.


What is your standard of proof?


The Dems are looking to blame anyone and everyone but themselves. There is a lesson to be learned from this election, and I'm afraid the Dems aren't learning it.