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Though Blocked for Now, Trump's Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Deserves Total Destruction


Though Blocked for Now, Trump's Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Deserves Total Destruction

Marjorie Cohn

On January 27, 2017, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to institute a ban on Muslims entering the US. Trump's executive order ("EO") is titled "Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States."


I just heard that over one third of American Christians believe that only white American Chistians are Americans. That means they do not consider tribal people , Jews or Muslims and never mind atheists as Americans. This is his base.


Trump's campaign, that continues and will probably never end, was based on defiance. Each day during the campaign saw.and each day since November 8 sees Trump or one of his gunners (Conway and Spicer, for example) perform another shock and awe skit that is 1) tantamount to tossing his base their daily ration of raw meat, and 2) distracting the rest of us from the more egregious back room actions being executed by Trump and the GOP Congress.

Despite ongoing GOP good cop/bad cop strategy, the entire GOP is actually on board with Trump, knowing that he will be holding the door open as long as the GOP Congress needs him to for them to execute their sinister agenda.


The Israeli ban on Muslims also deserves to be totally destroyed.


My greatest fear, unfortunately, is inevitable. A terrorist attack by a radical jihadist who came to the US as a refugee will happen, just like an attack by a white supremist will happen. Ditto for a policeman killed by a thug or another murder in Chicago (African-Americans killed by cops don't count).

Right now, ISIS & company are masterbating themselves to multiple orgasms over Trump, who's picture is no doubt on their recruiting posters. They are working overtime to get one or more of their own infiltrated as a refugee.

And Trump, Bannon & Company are salivating at the thought of that very scenario. The perfect Reichstag fire. 9/11 did wonders for Bush Jr. & his fellow neocons. It got us to go along with his insane Iraq War and implement the Patriot Act.

You can bet the Trumpsters have detailed operational plans in place & ready to implement in a micro-second that will do for them what the Reichstag Fire did for Hitler. And it will make the Patriot Act look like an ACLU document.

Did I say something the rest of you don't know ?


The only question is will the people be able to see through this obvious farce?