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Though Busily Ranting on Twitter, Trump Completely Silent on Police Killing of George Floyd as Biden Demands Federal Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/though-busily-ranting-twitter-trump-completely-silent-police-killing-george-floyd

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With any kind of luck, this will be the end of speculation on Sen. Klobuchar’s becoming Biden’s running mate. Klobuchar has a bad history in the long story of violence by the Minneapolis Police against citizens of color (including “white” as a color). She participated in cover-ups for the MPD, and played along in the framing of black suspects for crimes the MPD couldn’t solve legitimately. Her mentor, and current Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, has never prosecuted a white cop; but sure did prosecute a Somali cop whose murder of a white woman was a lot less cut-and-dried than many of the cases Klobuchar and Freeman declined to pursue.

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Biden has an even longer history of the same, but he’s apparently figured out he’s in a presidential election and that it would maybe be a good idea to throw a bone to the black voters who got him there almost single-handedly.

Biden doesn’t care about black america any more than trump does.



I don’t think Biden is capable of fathoming the enormity of this horrific tragedy. The USA has completely lost its moorings. George Floyd’s death at the knee of that white, skinny-armed cop tells us the story of the USA from the Vietnam War through this soiled day.

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Except for a few
Half the country thinks elephants should screw everyone. And half thinks donkeys should screw everyone.
And the vultures dressed as donkeys and elephants are busy feeding.
4 years of biden same as 4 more years. Take the “right” fork and go off the cliff or take the “left” fork and go off the cliff.

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Read “kill anything that moves”.
I have to stop often to throw up.

These murderers should be prosecuted for murder and conspiracy murder. They should lose everything they own and then some. If the family sues, the money should come from the individuals who murdered their loved one, not from the taxpayers, who usually foot the bill for a cop’s murderous actions. They should spend the rest of their natural lives on death row.

I wonder what would have happened if a civilian tried to save Floyd’s life. Would he/she be dead too?! We need to change laws that prevent civilians from saving lives when murderous pigs run rampant in a society.


The actions of the Police Department in question all need to be examined. Their initial reports as to what happened were basically all lies.

They claimed that George Floyd was resisting arrest. Multiple videos released from various people show no such thing. He was compliant and followed all instructions. The initial Police press releases indicated that Mr Floyd suffered medical distress after being handcuffed. What a load of hooey. If they put a bullet in his head after handcuffing him would they call it “death due to medical distress”. The cops actively participated in murdering the man as he lay their pinned and helpless. This is not “medical distress”.

As has been mentioned these cops will be hired by another department and the taxpayer will foot the bill for Civil Rights violations paid to the mans survivors. The Cops that participated in this arrest and those that tried to cover up and lie about what happen should be tried and sentenced and they should not be tried by some all white Jury that are carefully vetted by the defense attorney so as to make sure the jury loaded with racists.


I’ve thought about that, too. What if the bystanders had intervened? What would have happened? There were three more cops. Would they have shot? Tased? Body-slammed? It is a sad day indeed when the cops can murder with impunity in broad daylight and no one dares to try to stop them.

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What if a citizens style militia would have offed these cops? That’s where we are headed folks if we don’t fix this.
I saw Floyd’s death posted by YAHOO this morning and even though I don’t ever read their comments, I did this morning.
The majority of commenters are still sick, bigoted Nazi types.
Reading their comments clues me in to the fact that there are way more trump dicks than I thought. To be fair, most comments reached back to Colin Kaepernick.
I hate being reminded of what a sick nation we are.
White people have a sick sense of equality, fairness, and justice.

Biden was enthusiastic backer of mass arrests of black youth. Either Amy or Hindu crime hardliner Kamala Devi will finally get thru Black Thick Heads that they are f’d no matter who wins these farcical elections.