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Though It 'May Seem Nuts,' Experts Say Trump Endorsement of Two-Year Extension of His Term Should Not Be Ignored

Though It 'May Seem Nuts,' Experts Say Trump Endorsement of Two-Year Extension of His Term Should Not Be Ignored

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid growing fears that Democratic political leaders are not taking seriously the possibility that President Donald Trump could refuse to yield power if he loses in the 2020 election, Trump retweeted a post calling for two years to be added to his first term as "pay back for time stolen" by the Mueller investigation.

Bye bye Miss American Pie…apple pie w/ice cream…it is nuts, the whole ball of wax that is gumming up the works, none of this is normal and to hold on to sanity is a very real challenge. Don’t quite know how to do it anymore.


Adolph Reed is right, as usual. The fascist movement wants total power and will not give it up easily.


Here’s a novel idea… Since he was elected by the people, he should be Removed by the people.


Jerry Falwell is supporting and endorsing a murderer?
Howz that fucking “Krystian Kountry” thing working out?!
New motto: “HYPOCRISY 'R US”!!!


“…none of this is normal and to hold on to sanity is a very real challenge. Don’t quite know how to do it anymore.”

Maybe the best way is the way George Carlin suggested (paraphrase): Sit back and watch the show.

Best president ever. We do not need no stinking election. Long live the new King.

Religious fundamentalists, the military and corporations/wealth love hierarchy. They want a docile citizenry to do what they’re told. That’s why the Falwells of the world slobber over Trump - he’s the ultimate uber man to them.

What’s mind numbing is the number of people who are part of the hoi polloi that go along with this structure which is designed to keep them in place. Perhaps some psychologist could weigh in on the matter. One thing’s for sure - ignorant people are easy to scare and manipulate.


Michael Cohon, Trump’s ex-attorney said much the same thing.“I do not see Trump stepping down in 2020”. In my view, one way or the other, Trump will not lose in 2020, either by stealing the election or by calling it stolen from him. The only way to avoid a Trump second term may be if he is impeached.


Trump the fascist aiming for dictatorial powers. I didn’t see this coming…/s


We’re dealing with dementia.

Anyone can swear in the next President. Mr. Trump can sit in the White House and call it civil disobedience if he wants, but the White House career staff and the armed forces will all obey the next President. It remains for the next President to leave Mr. Trump in the Oval Office for one news cycle, for the publicity, or to haul him out.


President Cthulhu knows it’s the White House or the Big House.


the Republicans’ decades-long campaign to demonize and undermine popular and democratic institutions, suppress voting, forge a political alliance based on the most dangerously reactionary and irrationalist elements of the society and committed to eliminating all restraint to capitalist class power is particularly chilling

Let’s not forget that the Dems have some not insignificant culpability in all this. To forget this is to set up the same conditions that brought us the rump.


Trump can refuse to leave the White House and US Marshals will forcibly remove him. If his white “supremacist”/evangelical/Nazi Brown Shirts attempt to dispute the removal of this criminal, the military can deal with them.


Trump: " I have the military".

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Are you
white “supremacist”?

“I like your Christ,
I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Mahatma Gandhi


What is not “nuts” is the simple Article II-of-the-Constitution-fact that whoever wins the next presidential election (assuming it isn’t Trump) which is formalized when the congressionally (nor presidentially) controlled electoral college electors convene and cast their votes. Then, on January 20 at 12:00:01 local DC time, the president-elect recites the oath. Contrary to popular belief, not even a judge, bible, q’ran, or whatever is needed. She or he then instantly become commander in chief of the armed forces, and so the new president can simply order the ex-president and his cronies removed from the White House at gunpoint.

But yes, I still worry. After all, it isn’t like coups d’etats have not happened in other republics that thought they had a bomb-proof constitution…


Yes, and the fact that a sitting President is immune from prosecution and cannot be indicted, should tell everyone that Trump will refuse to leave the Oval, Office in 2020!


Sorry to say, but there is very little evidence that the US’s long-running lurch to the right, dating back to Raygun and culminating with Trump, could have been averted had the Democrats had been “more left” or whatever you are suggesting…

We may not like it, but worldwide, leftist democratic socialist parties are doing poorly and the right is resurgent. So to expect the US of all places to be different is unrealistic. Come out here to Trump Country and see for your yourself.